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Best Sub-Ohm Tanks 2021

By Staff Editor 5th May 2021 4 Mins

Subohm tanks have come a long way over the years. Early models, like the Aspire Atlantis, brought mainstream vapers to the lofty heights of 30W. Now, we’re seeing all kinds of innovation in coil, top-fill and airflow design, providing vape quality that can rival rebuildable atomisers. Today, we’re highlighting four sub-ohm tanks that stand out as our top picks. 

EHPro Raptor

The EHPro Raptor was overlooked by some vapers upon release but since then has become a firm favourite. It’s compatible with all Horizontech Falcon and Falcon King coils but the real magic is in the airflow design of EHPro’s own raptor coils. The base of the coil features a channelled system that creates a dramatically smoother draw and excellent flavour. In addition to this, build quality is solid across the board and the top-fill system just works. Falcon coils are available at most vape shops, too, so you’re not stuck with waiting for online orders to arrive in a pinch. 

EHPro Raptor rebuildable tank - best sub-ohm vape tanks

Freemax Mesh Pro 

Freemax made a name for themselves when they produced one of the first mesh tanks on the market, with the original Fireluke. Since then, the Mesh Pro has become their flagship atomiser. With lots of variations that all use the same coil fitting, the Mesh Pro is a well-supported tank, that has access to some of the craziest mesh coils on the market, including quad core builds. This isn’t necessarily the tank we’d recommend for the average vaper but if you enjoy high wattage, dense clouds and huge flavour, this is the tank to beat. 

Freemax Mesh Pro rebuildable tank - best sub-ohm vape tanks

Uwell Nunchaku 2 

The original Uwell Nunchaku tank became very popular, in part due to the mod it was bundled with. The V2 only continued this trend. On the surface, it doesn’t look too special but the coil options are what make this a great choice. Unlike most mesh tanks, the Nunchaku 2 has a good number of mid-wattage coils, which provide a fantastic vape at 30W-50W. The fact that Uwell has managed to create a product that contends with high-wattage tanks, while using less battery power and e-liquid, makes this a compelling option for the more conservative vaper. Coils can be a little harder to find in vape shops, though, so looking online might be the best bet for most people. 

Uwell Nunchaku rebuildable tank - best sub-ohm vape tanks

Wirice Launcher

Wirice is a new subsidiary of rebuildable giants Hellvape and they’ve launched their brand with, well, the Launcher. This turned a lot of heads during the initial marketing, when it was revealed that the tank uses a top-loading coil design. In this case, the marketing didn’t oversell the product. Simply unscrew your drip tip and drop a coil down the middle. You can even do this with a full tank, since the juice-flow ports are closed until the coil is pushed into place by threading the tip back on.

On top of this, the coils themselves have been well designed, with a huge wicking to body ratio, that allows for efficient wicking regardless of the VG content of your e-liquid.

One downside to the design of this tank is that the coils are much smaller than the likes of the Mesh Pro, which means a lower wattage ceiling. For mid-wattage vapers, though, this isn’t a problem and flavour output is fantastic from all of the currently available Launcher coils. We’re expecting to see a lot of copycats for this design in 2020. 

Wirice Launcher rebuildable tank - best sub-ohm vape tanks

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