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World Vape Day ’21: The Countdown is On!

By Michael Landl 14th May 2021 3 Mins


World Vape Day on May 30 is now just a short while away. We at the World Vapers’ Alliance have come a long way since our celebrations for World Vape Day last year. 

This year, the World Vapers’ Alliance will be celebrating World Vape Day with a special focus on the enormously positive changes vaping has made to all our lives. We want to make new friends and amplify the voices of passionate vapers from around the world.

As an alliance representing tens of thousands of vapers worldwide, we are keenly aware of our importance of vaping activism. World Vape Day is a key element of that. By celebrating a day about everything vaping, we want to make a real difference in demonstrating the positive effects of vaping.

This time last year, at World Vape Day 2020, nobody could have predicted what the World Vapers’ Alliance would have grown into today. We have led pro-vaping campaigns on issues as broad as calling on the EU to Back Vaping to Beat Cancer to making the case for vaping flavours in the Netherlands.

Over recent months, particularly in the context of the pandemic, misinformation and fearmongering about vaping has intensified significantly. From misleading studies about vaping increasing your risk of contracting Covid-19 to politicians calling for vapes to be regulated the same as cigarettes, despite the fact that they are 95% less harmful, there has been a constant atmosphere of negativity around vaping.

World Vape Day represents our chance to bring the global vaping community together to speak about vaping in a positive light. Too often are the enormously positive elements of vaping drowned out by negative sentiment.

This is why we chose “Go the Extra Mile” as the theme for our World Vape Day. In addition to a jam-packed schedule of livestreams on vaping on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, we are asking vapers, no matter where they are in the world, to run, jog or walk a mile for vaping.

Because of Covid-19, we cannot meet in person. This means our virtual run will show the world what we can do thanks to making the switch from smoking to vaping. We want as many people as possible to participate and upload their run with a picture to social media using the hashtag #RunVaperRun & #WorldVapeDay.

Just by doing this, you will be playing your part in what is set to be a momentous celebration of everything good about vaping.

I am enormously excited for World Vape Day 2021 and hope you will be with me to celebrate! 



About this author

Michael Landl

Michael Landl is the director of the World Vapers’ Alliance. He is from Austria and based in Vienna. Michael is an experienced policy professional and passionate vaper. He studied at the University of St. Gallen and worked for several public policy outlets and as well in the German Parliament.