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The Craziest Vape Mods Ever Released

By Staff Editor 27th October 2020 4 Mins

Since its inception, the vaping industry has been an unconventional space. We may have started out with disposable cigalikes, but these days, there are devices to suit any personality or budget, no matter how extreme.

In this post, we’re taking a look at some of the craziest vape mods to ever be sold. From luxury materials to outrageously indulgent finishes, we’re sure that something in this list will catch your eye.

Limelight Mechanics Wicket – Uranium Edition

Limelight Wicket Uranium
Limelight Mechanics – Wicket Uranium

Price: £360.00

Uranium Edition, that’s got to be a funny play on words, right? Wrong. Serbian company Limelight Mechanics has been among the most critically acclaimed high end manufacturers in the scene for years, known for sleek, functional design and gorgeous build quality.

The Wicket is their latest mod and has been a huge success, due to its tiny size and modular design, which allows users to customise their mod and carry out repairs, without the need for specialised tools or intricate knowledge.

Their most recent version of the Wicket, referred to as “Chernobyl” or “Uranium” has a chassis constructed from Raffir SFX “Blue Uranium”. Okay, it might not be real military-grade nuclear stuff, but this unique material dramatically changes colour depending on the environment its in.

Indoors, it has a neutral grey hue. Outdoors, this shifts to a bright blue. At night, it glows an ominous green.

Unfortunately, only 12 units of this particular version of the Wicket were made and they sold out almost instantly. If you’re keen to have an ultra-personalized mod, though, the people at Limelight Mechanics are always happy to accommodate bespoke orders.

OLC – Stratum V6M Crystal

OLC Stratum V6M Crystal
OLC – Stratum V6M Crystal

Price: £523.34

Russian modders OLC are best known for their super-premium Stratum range. These devices are always designed with minimal aesthetics and the smallest possible size in mind.

Over the years, they’ve built a reputation for intricate engravings and custom finishes to service clientele with exorbitant budgets. The Stratum V6M Crystal is a great example of the kind of thing they produce in limited runs.

This tiny 18650 mod is powered by a super-accurate, German-made Dicodes chipset and is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium, along with stainless steel. To really push the boundaries, the Crystal edition of the V6M is custom finished with heavy engraving, which causes surfaces of the mod to catch the light and create a sparkling effect.

For just north of £500, pieces like this can be purchased from the Statum Store and distributors such as Vapes By Enushi. The meticulous engraving alone makes the V6M Crystal one of the craziest vape mods ever.

Crovape – CroMod VIP

Craziest vape mods ever, Crovape CroMod VIP

Price: €2,999

Croation modders Crovape have been around for a number of years, though they’ve been very quiet on releases for a while now. The insane overindulgence of their flagship mod could explain that.

The CroMod VIP is an old school side firing mechanical tube. From a mechanical perspective, it’s quite uneventful.

Where things get interesting is the choice of materials. For the reasonable sum of €2,999, you can purchase a CroMod VIP, machined with pure yellow or white 585 gold, adorned with Swarovski crystal.

This device is an absolute bargain when you realise that they’re generous enough to throw in a free drip tip and ceramic display case. From start to finish, this has to be one of the craziest vape mods ever released.

Vicious Ant – Marquis DNA75C TI

craziest vape mods ever Vicious Ant Marquis

Price: $550

When conversation about the craziest vape mods comes up, many vapers will naturally gravitate towards Vicious Ant. Based in the Philippines, Vicious Ant were one of the first companies to create premium mods and they’re still going strong to this day.

One of their latest offerings is the Marquis DNA75C TI. As with many previous Vicious Ant releases, it’s been designed with ergonomics in mind and the sweeping, free form back end of this device is sure to comfortable fit in almost any hand.

In addition to this, the Marquis features an exquisite range of stabilised wood chassis and a DNA75C chipset, with solid titanium panels where we might normally expect stainless steel.

Surprisingly, $550 is considered moderate in the world of high end mods but the Marquis DNA75C TI still oozes class.

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