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Vapourcore Launch CorePro Disposable with New Award-Winning FEELM Ceramic Coil

By Staff Editor 13th April 2022 2 Mins


Launched recently by Vapourcore, a leading UK online retailer and one of the highest-ranking online suppliers of disposable Vapes in the UK, the CorePro is a brand-new disposable – noticeably different and far superior to any other disposable currently on the market.

Not only is the CorePro beautifully designed, but it also houses the new award-winning FEELM technology ceramic coil which has so far only been seen in big brand closed-pod systems (including Vuse, Relx & HEXA). This new technology brings a unique smoothness and quality to the customer vaping experience.  

The CorePro has been primarily developed for adult smokers who are looking to change their smoking behaviour and the customer feedback has been astounding.  The range of Core Pro vapes are stylish and easy-to-use (simply inhale to vape), last the equivalent of up to 40 traditional cigarettes and are designed to be disposed of responsibly once empty.

In a truly elegant style, the CorePro 10 (in white) is pre-filled with 10mg nicotine and the CorePro 20 (in gunmetal grey) with 20mg. Current flavours include; Mint Cream, Strawberry Burst, Grape Ice, Menthol, Mango Ice and Peach Ice.

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CorePro devices are ultra-thin with a hygienic mouthpiece design, powerful and give a truly satisfying vape in amazing flavours with a consistently smooth quality nicotine hit.

Vapourcore CEO, Charles Bloom had this to say:

“The long and careful development period for the CorePro range, in partnership with the FEELM Tech team, has proved truly worth it. Our aim was to produce a high quality and elegant vaping product for adult smokers and the CorePro is just this.”

The CorePro is available for direct purchase online from the Vapourcore website or from our select range of trade partners.

Wholesale opportunities

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Retailers partnering with Vapourcore can receive free samples for trial, impactful POS and high-quality digital assets.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements by emailing or contacting our dedicated sales manager Michiel Carmel on +44 (0) 7768 862 911.

CorePro is brought to you by Vapourcore Online.


Possibly the best disposable vape ever.

Disclaimer: This sponsored content was written by Vapourcore.

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