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High-End Vaping Digest Volume II

By Staff Editor 28th June 2019 4 Mins


It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of high-end vaping. We’ve had reveals from two of the scene’s biggest names, a surprise announcement and a growing sleeper hit of an RTA coming out of Greece.

1. Limelight Mechanics – The Wicket Family

Limelight Mechanics The Wicket Family

In Volume I, we showed the teaser image posted by Dejan, founder of Limelight Mechanics. All we could tell from the first picture was that the new release was going to be small.

All has been revealed this week.

The Wicket is set to be highly configurable. We know it will be available in 18350 configuration with a RAM chip, or 18650 configuration with a RAM, DNA60, DNA75C or Dicodes BF60 boards.

To give a better reference of size, the 18650 Wicket was pictured side-by-side with Limelight’s classic Pylon mod and there’s no doubting that this will be one of the smallest 18650 devices ever made.

We’ve only seen black POM models so far but we should expect a range of materials and finishes to be announced in the near future.

2. Vicious Ant – Club Omega

Vicious Ant Club Omega

Vicious Ant are perhaps the premier high-end mod makers in the Philippines. They have a pretty diverse range of mods, so many were confused by the cryptic “new breed” teasers the company has posted in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, the true nature of the upcoming Club Omega was revealed.

The device appears to be some kind of crossover between a regulated squonker and an AIO device, with Vicious Ant’s proprietary snap-in bottle at the bottom and only a drip tip protruding where an atomiser would usually sit.

There’s a small airflow inlet towards the top of the back-end of the mod which all but confirms a built in atomiser.

With growing demand for ever more compact devices and Vicious Ant’s rabidly loyal fan base, I predict that the Club Omega is going to be very difficult to get hold of, so prepare your F5 key and credit cards.

3. Psyclone Mods – Evo SQ

Psyclone Mods Evo SQ

Psyclone Mods may be a controversial company to include in High-End Vaping Digest, since parts of the community do not consider them “high-end”.

However, this is my blog and I’m breaking all the rules.

Psyclone Mods made their name with the Hadaly RDA, which many enthusiasts still consider to be among the best flavour-chasing drippers over two years after it was first release.

Since then, the company has released two more single coil RDAs which provide similar experiences, most recently the Citadel, which is essentially just a modernised version of its predecessor.

Last Saturday, the company revealed its first ever mod via an Instagram post.

The SQ EVO will feature a DNA60 chip and proprietary bottle system, with Delrin and stainless-steel construction.

If previous releases are anything to go by, the SQ EVO will be affordably priced and nicely finished. This could well be the ideal regulated squonker for someone who’s looking to purchase their first “high-end” device.

4. Atmizoo – Tripod RTA

Atmizoo Tripod RTA

Atmizoo are one of the longest-running European mod makers and are known primarily for rebuildable atomisers but have also released a few mech mods over the years.

A few weeks back they released the Tripod RTA, which can be summed up as a 22mm jack of all trades, with traditional high-end aesthetics.

Swappable inserts allow the user to choose between true-MTL or restricted direct-lung airflow, a system which has become something of a standard in high-end atomisers over the last 12 months.

What started as a trickle of positive reviews on release has now turned into a veritable flood of praise across Facebook groups and Instagram. Unlike some other high-end modders, Atmizoo also have a website, so you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get your hands on this little gem.

The Tripod is right on trend with 2019’s movement towards small setups and should not be overlooked.



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