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Vaping Bogan Ether RTA in chrome and silver


Vaping Bogan x Suicide Mods Ether RTA Review

By Staff Editor 28th August 2020 5 Mins



Diameter: 24mm
E-liquid capacity: 2ml
Build deck: single coil
Materials: stainless steel, glass, ultem

Vaping Bogan may be best known as a vape reviewer, but in recent years he’s found plenty of success designing hardware too. For his latest release, he’s teamed up with UK modders Suicide Mods. Is the Ether RTA worth checking out?

Construction, fit and finish of the Ether RTA is almost flawless. Machining is spot on, with tight tolerances and buttery smooth threading. Looking closer at the individual components of this RTA reveal a level of quality control that is a step above most mainstream rebuildable atomisers. With a slightly higher price tag of around £45, this is to be expected but I’m certainly pleased with the end result.

Our review sample is the matte black option and the finish is free of any nicks, scratches or blemishes, despite several weeks of near daily use. Small details, like the airflow ring, which clicks as it turns, may not contribute to the performance of this tank but it does give the impression of a quality product.

The only issue I’ve run into regarding fit and finish is the airflow insert system. Out of the box, I found that both supplied MTL airflow inserts would not sit flush when pressed into place, even when lubricated with VG. Fortunately, this was fixed easily by using the replacement o-rings supplied with the atomiser. This isn’t ideal but it’s not a deal-breaker either, especially when the rest of the tank oozes class. On the whole, the unique bell cap shape of the Ether and its total lack of branding on the upper portion of the tank make for a sleek, striking RTA that pairs nicely with virtually any mod.

In addition to the essentials and spares, the Ether RTA is supplied with two additional tank sections and drip tips as standard. This means a total of three tank sections and 510 drip tips are included, which is great to see.

In terms of user experience, Vaping Bogan and Suicide Mods have kept things simple. The single coil deck is a mish-mash of Kayfun and GTA elements. Two Phillips head screws on opposite ends of the deck are used to secure leads and this design should be familiar to any seasoned vaper. I found these screws to accommodate anything from round wire builds, up to low mass Aliens without issue. Generous space between the edge of the deck and chimney makes snipping the ends of leads convenient, which is great for those who are new to building.

Though convenient, it should be mentioned that the Ether’s build deck is designed with smaller coils in mind. 2.5mm inner diameter MTL coils won’t cause you any problems at all but you may need to remove a wrap or two from your standard DTL builds using Fused Clapton wire or similar. 3mm coils can be installed, but it’s a tight fit and they will cut down on the already restrictive airflow design, so I would stick to 2.5mm where possible.

The wicking design is quite forgiving. The wicking ports aren’t massive but are about perfect for 2.5mm inner diameter coils. Simply drop the wicks through the ports, so they hang a little under the deck but don’t quite touch the bottom. If you’re using a 3mm inner diameter build, you will need to thin the wicks out to prevent cotton from choking the ports.

The top fill system is a simple bayonet design that locks and unlocks easily. Four kidney shapes ports make re-filling a mess free and quick experience and I’ve had no issues with any of my standard bottles when filling.

In terms of performance, the Ether is multi-functional, filling the role of a low wattage direct lung, or MTL RTA depending on your choice of build, airflow insert and outer airflow setting. As a direct lung tank, I enjoy it most using a 2.5mm low mass Fused Clapton, with the airflow wide open at 28W. In this configuration, it produces excellent flavour and warmth, with a very restricted but smooth draw. Even as someone who enjoys restricted DL vaping, it’s a little tight for me, but I know there are plenty of people who will find this draw ideal.

With the airflow insert installed, the Ether becomes an MTL RTA. Here, I opt for a 2.5mm 7-wrap 26g kanthal coil, using a single large airflow hole at 15W. Set up like this, the Ether produces great flavour, a smooth draw and just the amount of restriction I like for an MTL vape. The flavour intensity and smoothness is knocking on the door of the Kayfun Lite 2019 but doesn’t quite reach those heights in my view. Nonetheless, this is extremely impressive for an RTA that can also provide a direct lung experience.

In summary, the Ether RTA is a sleek, versatile little tank that will please a lot of low wattage vapers. It has excellent build quality, is user friendly and is supplied with more extras than we usually see. Provided that you go into this purchase knowing it’s for low wattage vaping only, I think you’ll be thoroughly impressed.


  • Great build quality
  • Simple build deck
  • Lots of extras


  • MTL insert didn’t fit out of the box
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