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KIWI GO Disposable Vape Pen Review

By Peach Atkinson 19th July 2023 5 Mins


The newest innovation from Italian vape brand KIWI is the KIWI GO disposable e-cigarette. Powered by the ground-breaking ceramic coil technology from FEELM, the KIWI GO provides up to 25% more puffs than other disposables on the market, allowing users to enjoy up to 750 puffs with a single device.

Device Specification:

  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Puffs: 750
  • Battery Capacity: 400 mAh
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg Salt Nicotine


KIWI GO disposable vape flavours

KIWI say on their website that the new ceramic could technology allows a more silky vaping experience… So let’s test it out!

I got my hands on six flavours from the new KIWI GO disposable vape range to try out. Here’s what I thought:

kiwi go coconut ice disposable vape

Coconut Milk

Kicking things off with one of the more uniquely fascinating tastes, this smorgasbord of flavours presents vapers with a perfect chance to try something new and rather unheard of.

First and foremost, you will likely notice a sweet, easily recognisable and deeply exotic coconut base, of which is incredibly lifelike.

It seems to carry a luscious and velvety smooth creaminess to it that amplifies the relaxed and enjoyable flavour.

I did notice a very small amount of icy cooling agent to it, enough to compliment the other elements, without taking over and potentially ruining the flavour.

It’s safe to say I had yet to come across this combination and was pleasantly impressed by the overall experience.

kiwi go watermelon ice disposable vape

Watermelon Ice

One of the more popular profiles right now, especially so for disposables, watermelon ice is easily crowned as one of the favourites worldwide.

With this particular instalment, vapers are able to enjoy a consistent and reliable set of fruity, tropical flavours for a long period of no time with little to no flavour dissipation.

The notes of watermelon are bright and punchy and have that idiosyncratic candy-like vibe.

As suggested by this flavours name, there is a substantial amount of cooling agent to this disposable, making it a perfect ‘go to’ for vapers that are seeking refreshment and intense flavour.

This was certainly one of the better watermelon ice disposables I have tried recently.

kiwi go mint cream disposable vape

Mint Cream

Combining polar opposites, this disposable turns typical minty flavours on their head.

Initially, there is a sweet blend of peppermint that presents itself spectacularly. To further compliment the smoothness, comes a calming and almost stereotypical creaminess.

To follow on from the mint/cream interaction, comes a subtle but still noticeable undertow of icy cooling, that brightens up the entire flavour a notch.

I felt that the way KIWI decided to combine two vastly different elements made for an incredibly enjoyable vaping experience and despite not being a huge fan of mint vapes, I really appreciated this flavour.

kiwi go tangerine ice disposable vape

Tangerine Ice

Less sweet when compared to other citrus flavours such as orange or even lemon, the decision to create a slightly more unusual tangerine inspired flavour was a stroke of pure genius.

Notes of somewhat mild sourness seem to envelope the overall taste, with very little in the way of sweetness.

I found that the almost pulpy tangerine taste performed strikingly well alongside the intense iciness that was most noticeable when exhaling.

I have tried plenty of orange flavours, and probably even more lemon ones over the years, but the chance to enjoy a tangerine one was definitely a wonderful opportunity that I’m glad I could have.

kiwi go latte ice disposable vape

Latte Ice

I feel like coffee-based flavours are making somewhat of a resurgence as of late and with hundreds of variations, it can be both overwhelming and tricky to find a decent one – all depending on personal preferences.

Bridging the gap between creamy and cold, the way that this disposable was crafted demonstrated plenty of research and care.

The latte element brings about a luscious, velvety and, quite frankly, earthy base with a milky, frothy overtone we can all appreciate.

Compounding the mild, creamy and easily recognizable coffee base, comes a swift and intense iciness that gives the flavour a bit of a kick.

To me, this kind of implied an iced coffee vibe and thus provided a refreshing and enjoyable experience – especially on a hot day.

kiwi go mango ice disposable vape

Mango Ice

Another firm favourite within the vape industry currently, this particular flavour boasts a collection of fruity tastes and a cold exhale.

A mixture of sour green mango and sweet, juicy, yellow mango combines to offer vapers a blend of sweet and tangy modalities, and the incredible way that the two bounce off of one another is complex and easy to enjoy.

The mango, to me, tasted realistic and gave off an aura of the tropics, and had an almost pulpy texture.

Adding a rich undertone of iciness simply exacerbated the refreshing and exotic feel to this disposable. I would highly recommend this flavour to people that enjoy intense and powerful fruit vapes.


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