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World Vapers Alliance hands out disgusting ice cream flavours to protest proposed Dutch flavour ban

By Jamie Morris 10th June 2021 2 Mins


European vapers took to the streets of The Hague and handed out ‘disgusting’ ice creams to protest the proposed Dutch flavour ban.

The demonstration, which was organised by the World Vapers’ Alliance, was the latest in a series of unique, guerrilla-style attempts to raise awareness about the importance of flavoured e-liquids.

Samples of tasteless ice creams were offered to passers-by outside the Dutch House of Representatives, as policymakers met to discuss the controversial plans.

Michael Landl, Director of the WVA, said:

“A flavour ban for vaping would be a public health disaster for the Netherlands.

“It is incredible that a caretaker government would try to introduce such deeply controversial legislation that would have such negative consequences for so many.”

Michael Landl, WVA

If Dutch MPs don’t oppose the bill, then all e-liquid flavours could be banned from July 1, 2022.

Michael highlighted a recent public inquiry, which saw 98 percent of Dutch people against the ban, saying that policymakers have failed to see the crucial role flavours play in the nation’s ‘vaping success story.’

He said:

“When this proposal was put to public consultation, it received one of the biggest ever responses.

“The message was clear; flavours help smokers quit and there is huge opposition to this ridiculous plan.”

Michael Landl, WVA

The World Vapers’ Alliance explained that the Netherlands is currently led by a temporary, caretaker government, which shouldn’t pass contentious legislation.

It stressed that the strong opposition from citizens, as well as the lack of a legitimate cabinet, make the ban ‘completely unethical.’

“This is a huge blow for tobacco harm reduction and all the vapers who raised their voices.

“It is likely to tarnish the reputation of the Netherlands for a long time.”

Source: WVA

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