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Review Of The Vaper Expo UK – The Return 2016

By ruben 24th May 2017 4 Mins


Review of The Vaper Expo UK – The Return 2016 by Siddiqa Khalifa

The Vaper Expo UK – The Return 2016 was my first ever vape event. Before joining Vapouround, I was new to the vaping industry but once I learned that a vaping event was taking place so close to me in UK, I was eager to attend. I was looking forward to interviewing potential clients and finding out more about the vaping industry.

It was 9AM many people were queuing up at the entrance. From afar, many vapers looked eager to get inside and some looked very excited indeed. People from other vape stands at the show were eagerly waiting for the vaping community to enter as they were ready to hand out goody bags and offer free samples of their e-liquids.

As the vaping community walked into the venue, their eyes wandered across in excitement as they noticed Vapouround’s colourful bus stand. Many stopped by and asked what the bus was all about. Matt Coupland from Vapouround, oversaw the juice deck on the double-decker bus and was showing vapers the variety of e-liquids on the bus – Naked Fish, Mello Buddha, Dinner Lady.

When I asked Matt how vapers were reacting to the juice deck, he told me he felt hot but it was a lot fun. A lot of vapers appreciated Matt showing them how to build their own coils and it gave them a chance to be adventurous with their mods and coils. It brought light onto the creativity of hand-crafting coils.

The top deck of the bus was lit up with disco lights and music was bouncing off the walls. Matt mentioned a lot of vapers from Sheffield visited the bus but one vaper in particular, Morgan Hatton, stood out for Matt. As two coil-lovers, they both shared their interests on coils which influenced other vapers to build their own coils.

As I stepped off the bus, I heard music getting louder and louder. I was curious as to where the music was coming from and so, I followed this to the centre of the hall and found people gathering around a stage where the DJ and host were keeping them entertained. People were cheering as the DJ and host announced vape companies that are soon going to appear on stage to hand out their freebies.

From hats and t-shirts to mods and e-liquids, vape companies were splurging out their freebies to the vapers that attended. Hands shot up as Strawberry Queen, Evil Cloud and Grey Haze went on stage. Vapers cheered for goodies and many of them were lucky to catch mods, e-liquids, t-shirts and so much more!

I walked around a few exhibitors to look around and see what e-juices people were raving about and what flavours vapers were sampling. After visiting nearly 100 exhibitors, I started to make my way back to Vapouround’s bus but was soon captured by Riot Squad.

After being pushed into a small interrogation room, I was questioned about my role at the event even though my black Vapouround t-shirt highlighted my status. Soon, I was demanded to wear a prison-like uniform and ushered into a second room where a second police officer took down my email.

Finally, when I reached the third room, the third police officer took my mug shot and I was strongly advised not to meddle into the rebellious vaping business ever again. I absolutely loved this experience and I thought the arrest attack was a great sales technique as it grabbed my attention and made me feel involved. Being held captive by Riot Squad was the highlight of my experience at The Vaper Expo.

As well as appreciating the unique exhibitors at the event, I noticed there was a variety of culture present at the show. Companies from Malaysia, India, USA and Japan were at the show. I didn’t realise how big the vaping industry was internationally. Coming from an ethnic background myself, I appreciated discussing the vaping industry to others.

Double Drip also stood out to me as they had a lottery-like machine. Only, instead of throwing out money, they were distributing e-juices. I thought this was a great touch to Double Drip’s stand as other people, including myself, were standing in line anxiously to participate.

Overall, I enjoyed the vibrant and friendly atmosphere. From sampling, almost every single e-juice at the show, I am extremely pleased to have attended The Vaper Expo UK – The Return 2016.



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