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The ‘Greatest Smoker of All Time’ Kate Moss, is Spotted Vaping

By Emily Malia 14th August 2023 2 Mins


From the moment she appeared in our magazines, Kate Moss – the girl next door turned supermodel – has always been famed for carrying her trusty cigarettes everywhere she went.

Some of her most iconic photographs, whether it’s editorial shoots or candid party pics, throughout the 90’s the model was notorious for her relationship with tobacco.

In 2011, seven years after retiring from the runway, she appeared once again, smoking on the Louis Vuitton catwalk, reinforcing to her fans that this habit wasn’t going away anytime soon.

However, has Kate finally stubbed out the cigarettes for good?

Now at age 49 and after over 30 years of smoking, the supermodel can be seen puffing away on a cherry peach lemonade e-cig.

On an afternoon stroll in London, the star was spotted holding a handy disposable vape, whilst walking alongside her daughter Lila.

british model kate moss walking down the street in london holding a disposable vape

Speculations arise that Moss is entering an era of sobriety as she launches her new wellness brand ‘Cosmoss’, made up of ‘luxury rituals and mindful beauty inspired by and sourced in nature.’

Moss was allegedly nicknamed by her peers ‘the tank’ due to her smoking habits but now she’s reportedly two years sober, it seems the ciggies are out next.

She was once hailed as ‘greatest smoker of all time’ but as she makes the switch and embraces her new, holistic lifestyle will Kate Moss become the ‘greatest vaper of all time?’

If vapes begin to appear in her future photoshoots, I’m sure it would be framed on the walls of the Vapouround office in no time.

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