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New study quells fears of nicotine exposure from ‘passive vaping’

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A recent study found that bystanders are exposed to far less nicotine when around vapers than smokers.

Researchers from Spain and Portugal trapped tobacco smoke and e-cigarette aerosol in ‘smoke machine’ and analysed the nicotine content.

There was a drastic reduction in nicotine exposure when the active smoker was replaced by an active vaper.

At a distance of 100cm, the bystander reduced their nicotine exposure from 600 nanograms (ng) per puff in an active smoker to 5ng/puff in an active vaper.

The researchers concluded:

“According to these results, the passive vaper will require to be surrounded by 100 active vapers to reach the same nicotine exposure, as he would receive from only one active smoker.”

People who regularly breathe in second-hand smoke are more likely to develop lung cancer and heart disease, according to the NHS.

Public Health England’s 2018 evidence review found no identified risks to bystanders exposed to second-hand vapour.

Source: Open Science Journal


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