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Geek Bar Pulse x 25000 Vape Review: Light Speed Into the Pulse X Galaxy

By Vape Central Wholesale 22nd May 2024 9 Mins


Get ready to Geek out with the force of the brand new Geek Bar Pulse X Pulse 25k vape disposable! Now available to order at Vape Central Wholesale, a trusted vape supplier offering world-class service like Free Shipping and Free Returns for vape shops and chain stores. Contact us and find out why we are a top Geek Bar distributor.

One of the best sellers in the vape world, the innovative Geek Bar Pulse 15k awakens the force and evolves to the next level of nicotine disposable pods with exciting upgrades that will be hard to resist with their new Geek Bar Pulse X 25000.

Check out the sweetness factor of the newly designed Geek Bar Pulse X, which comes with delicious flavors like Blue Rancher and Sour Fcuking Fab, along with higher puff counts and the world’s first curved display screen featuring out-of-this-world animated graphics.

Let’s dive into the world of the Geek Bar Pulse X 25k, ready to ship from Vape Central Wholesale! May the Pulse dance with you.


Once looking at the exquisitely made Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 vape disposable, vapers can instantly see the new gadgets put into this vape beast. The first noticeable feature of the newly designed Geek vape is the FIRST 3D curved display screen. When taking a hit from its wide mouthpiece, the Geek Bar 25k vape pulses with an extravagant show of animated glowing Star Constellations on not one, but both ends of its curved display screen.

The exciting new display shows vapers bright stars that fade away slowly right after finishing puffing their big clouds. This is reminiscent of its predecessor, the Geek Bar Pulse 15k, as the new side screen animation is revamped on the new Geek Bar Pulse X vape.

Once puffing on this bad boy, vapers get to see a glowing ring and inside of that, their new brand symbol”X” glows bright as they chase clouds. It is a sight to behold as it looks like a true piece of art. All this is possible when hitting the space themed vape on the high-powered setting, Pulse Mode.

What is helpful about the Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 is the innovative side display screen that gives vapers their battery status and pre-filled oil capacity, all thanks to its updated VPU. The video processing unit is packed inside the gorgeous Geek Bar Pulse X vape to let vapers know in real time when it’s a good time to recharge their battery. In the looks department, this vape device is very stylish and definitely has mass appeal with its advanced animated display thanks to its sleek metallic design finish, which is the opposite end of its curved screen. The vape device’s design gives it high-quality vibes, making it a definite masterpiece that will turn heads while you puff on this bad boy while a night out in town.

Get more E-juice out of the high puff count Geek Bar X Pulse which offers a massive 25000 hits of pure bliss for all vapers who enjoy vaping for days. Vaping connoisseurs get a max puff of 25k puff counts on Regular Mode with just a flip of the toggle underneath the Geek Bar X device. If you want to vape like a champ, switch up that toggle again and go light speed on the upgraded Pulse Mode, which still hits a whopping 15000 vape hits of pure big clouds.

Enjoy and cloud chase all day and night in the grandiose Pulse Mode, perfect for vapers who love making cloud tricks like blowing rings, ghost inhales, the waterfall, and smoke tornadoes, just to name a few.


We all want to know the 411 behind the upgraded Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 vape. At Vape Central Wholesale, we aim to inform our loyal B2B customers and vape aficionados about the real deal behind one of the most successful vape brands in the universe. Let’s find out what the talk is about to get to know the new Geek Bar X Pulse vape and how it measures up.

What are the best Geek Bar Pulse X flavors?

An exciting variety of 15 flavors made of tasty aroma fruits and candies are the focus of the Geek Bar Pulse X. The world known Geek Bar lab went full throttle in their vape oil production by making delicious fusions of vape flavors in true Geek fashion. The signature uniqueness of Geek Bar flavor names is back by popular demand, originating from the Geek Bar Pulse 15k name flavors. Here are some of the best flavors our vape testers tried and they did not disappoint.

Sour Fcuking Fab – For all Fcuking fans, at Vape Central Wholesale we got the force to fcuking dance with you! With a sweeter factor than the Geek Bar Pulse classic flavor, Fcuking  Fab. A fabulous fusion of sour candy snacks with tropical fruits, it is a tour de force of sour sweet madness that Geek fans will love to puff on Pulse Mode every fcuking time.

Blue Rancher – A smooth candy flavor that vape testers couldn’t get enough of. We enjoyed the mega mix of Blueberry Jolly Rancher with a coolness effect blended with a sweetness sour factor to it that will make your tongue feel like the real jolly rancher candy snack is melting all over it. The sweet candy vibes of the Blue Rancher is the next big thing for the Pulse X vape.

Strawberry B-Pop – Its carnival time vibes with this tasty cotton candy fluffy flavor mixed with strawberry flavored lollipop aroma. A new B-Pop flavor steps into the Pulse X realm, a candy aroma that became mega popular from the Geek Bar Pulse 15k. The sweetness level is through the roof on the Strawberry B-Pop, as fruit lovers will repeatedly purchase this unforgettable flavor until it’s gone. But at Vape Central Wholesale, we always restock all Geek Bar Pulse X flavors for our vape shop customers.

Orange Fcuking Fab – Orange is the new trend, as the Fcuking fans are driving this Geek Bar unique flavor to the top of the vape world. For citrus fruit lovers, the tasty orange fruit fuses with sweet candy snacks that will have vapers keep enjoying this Fcuking fabulous galaxy of Geek vapes.

Does the Geek Bar Pulse X have a new screen?

Geek out on the new Geek Bar Pulse X display screen that will blow your mind. The world’s first 3D curved display screen distinguishes the new Geek X vape from the rest of the other vapes. Enjoy the starry sky in the palm of your hands as you puff on the Geek Bar X with a grand display of animated star constellations along with a battery and vape oil status. As you vape, witness the big glow up of its new logo symbol ‘X’ light up inside an animated sphere that will bring in extra attention from onlookers.

How long does Geek Bar Pulse X 25k  last?

Do not worry about this vape lasting less than a week, as this vape takes you to the stars and back with 25000 puffs on Regular Mode. Better yet, go light speed without the fear of vaping away a lot of prefilled oil, as the popular Pulse Mode gives a massive 15000 puff count so that vapers can blow big puff clouds without the need to converse puffs. Become a cloud chaser with no fear, vape up for more than a week of joy..

What is the difference between Geek Bar Pulse 15000 and Geek Bar Pulse X 25000?

The revolutionary Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 vape has made major upgrades that will elevate the vape game beyond a vaper’s wildest dreams. What vapers will experience on the new Geek Bar Pulse X vape is extra puff sessions for several more days than the classic Geek Bar Pulse 15k, marking a major advancement in the recent trendy puff count revolution. Also, the Geek Bar Pulse X gets a new disposable pod design with a beautiful metallic finish which differs from the classic glossy look of the Pulse 15k vape. Lastly, the new Geek Bar X 25000 is slightly bulkier than the Geek Bar 15k, thanks to a larger pre-filled vape oil capacity, added new technology like new VPU technology, upgraded dual mesh coil and its attractive 3D curved animated display. This new geek is not to be messed with.


We have come to the final wrap up of the galactic Geek Bar Pulse X 25K for all of the vape enthusiasts out there who wanted to get the big scoop on it. Since last year, we have witnessed the rise of vape manufacturer Geek vape, and how their successful brand, Geek Bar Pulse began an industry revolution that brought so much fun and joy to the vape world. Now, we finally can get a real taste of their upgraded masterpiece, the Geek Bar Pulse X.

As of now, we have seen disposable vapes keep getting more technologically advanced that now it makes us wonder, what will the next trend be like? Will more innovative features be introduced to vapers like bigger screens or bigger puffs? Stay tuned with Vape Central Wholesale so do not miss out. If you own a vape shop, online vape store or are in vape wholesale, make sure to create an online account with us to make your wholesale purchases. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email blast to get the newest updates about the ever-changing vape industry and get business insights so you can keep up with the Geek Vibe!

Where to buy Geek Bar Pulse X vape? At Vape Central Wholesale of course, a reliable Geek Bar distributor that always restocks weekly with the hottest and trendiest vape disposables in the world. You need it, we got it. We love to pass on our savings to our customers, including Free Shipping and Free Replacement giving peace of mind. We offer these benefits to our customers so they don’t lose out on their profit margin. Vape more, cost less.

Buy Geek Bar Pulse X wholesale at Vape Central Wholesale.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by Vape Central Wholesale for the US market.



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