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Leading International Vape Brand SKE Shows Commitment to Compliance by Joining the UK Vaping Industry Association

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Leading global vape brand SKE has joined the UK Vaping Industry Association as a full member to demonstrate its commitment to uphold the very highest standards of regulatory compliance.

In joining the UKVIA it has agreed to uphold ten core principles which includes robust procedures to guard against underage sales, full compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements and only marketed products to smokers, vapers and consumers of other nicotine products.

  • Membership sends clear signal that company is aligned with the core messaging of the UK’s biggest vape industry body.
  • Announcement comes as SKE prepares to launch its first eco-friendly product line in January made from 100% biodegradable kraft paper.

Shenzhen SKE Technology’s chairman Dong Shenen said:

“The UKVIA insists on the very highest standards from its members while working incredibly hard, both at in the UK and abroad, to fight for fair and proportionate regulation.

“The vape industry must do more to address the issues of youth uptake and environmental concerns and the UKVIA is working hard in these areas as evidenced by its Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping, and calls for a retail licensing scheme backed up by up to £10,000 fines per instance for retailers caught selling to minors.

“We are fully aligned with the aims and objectives of the UKVIA and are absolutely delighted to have been accepted as members.

“We look forward to working with the entire membership to help ensure that the UK industry continues to uphold the highest standards so that we can continue to give adult smokers a far better alternative to cigarettes, improve the health of the nation and help the Government achieve its smokefree ambitions.”

UKVIA Director General John Dunne said:

“As the largest trade body representing the UK vaping industry it’s vital that we have the biggest players on board, set high standards for membership and are here to help guide companies to achieve those standards.

“SKE has grown significant market share in the UK market and have demonstrated a commitment to this end.

“We look forward to working with them as we promote best practice for the entire industry.

“As we heard during the recent UKVIA Forum in London, all eyes are on the industry to see how we tackle environmental and youth issues and the Government wants to see positive action in these two very important areas.

“The debates at the Forum tackled these issues, and many more pressing topics, head on and we are very fortunate indeed to have such an active and committed membership from all sectors of the industry who want to see it continue to flourish and thrive.”

SKE has recently released a new version of its best-selling SKE Crystal Bar closed pod system, the SKE Crystal Plus Airflow Adjustment Edition, in response to consumer demand.

In January it will launch its first eco-friendly SKE KLAX disposable product line, made from 100% biodegradable kraft paper and designed for easy disassembly where the batteries and pods can be efficiently recycled after use.

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