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Dinner Lady Issue Statement Following Fire at Lancashire Warehouse

By Grace Lynk 29th September 2023 2 Mins


On Monday the 11th of September, a plume of smoke rose over the town of Lancashire as the Dinner Lady e-cigarette plant caught fire in Shadsworth Business Park at 8.30pm.

Ten fire engines were employed to deescalate the unravelling flames, nearby businesses were evacuated, and locals were encouraged to close their windows as the fire blazed late into the night.

Dinner Lady have issued the following statement on their website in light of the tragic event:

“We are grateful to report that no one was hurt in the fire and that all our members are safe and well, thanks to the actions of our headquarters team and the local fire and emergency services.”

“Currently this has only impacted our website, and our team is working around the clock to address the situation. We aim to restore access to our online store at the earliest opportunity.”

“Contingency measures are in place to move production to other facilities, reducing any potential disruption to our service.”

“We anticipate that the majority of business customers will not experience any change to their scheduled orders, therefore you will still be able to purchase your favourite Dinner Lady products at other locations.”

“We are deeply moved by the many messages of support we have received. Thank you for your understanding and support. We will be in touch as soon as our site is back up and running.”

Vapouround send our deepest regards to the team members at Dinner Lady, and hope will full sincerity to see the company back on their feet in no time.



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