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Bloomberg’s birthday message from vapers

By Patrick Griffin 11th February 2022 2 Mins


I think it is fair to say that Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York. Is no fan of vaping…

…however that’s no reason for vapers not to wish him a very happy 80th birthday this coming Valentine’s Day.

Bloomberg becomes an octogenarian on Monday February 14 and during his long life there are many achievements for which he can rightly be proud and for which he deserves credit.

However, as a global vaping community, it is only right that we point out that when it comes to his stance on vaping, he is sadly misguided.

Now Dr. John Oyston, an anti-tobacco activist and Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto has made it easy to celebrate Bloomberg’s big day.

He wants vapers around the world to send him a birthday card to:

• congratulate him on his business and political successes and praise him for his generosity to many good causes and

• to ask him to have Bloomberg Philanthropies consider changing its policy on less harmful nicotine products from prohibition to acceptance and support.

Dr. Oyston has asked vapers, and supporters of reduced risk products around the world to reach out to Mr Bloomberg for his birthday.

He said:

“The more people who try to contact Mr. Bloomberg, and the more avenues they use, the more likely he is to take notice. Please send him your own birthday card and message.”

Dr John Oysten

Dr. Oyston said:

“Bloomberg Philanthropies prides itself on ‘Data-driven Philanthropy’, however, it supports organizations that work to oppose allowing people who smoke access to safer substitutes, such as e-cigarettes and snus.

“As a matter of human rights, adult smokers should have the freedom to choose less harmful alternatives to tobacco.

“Bloomberg thinks that nicotine is a dangerous poison. He does not think that adult smokers should have easy access to nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, even though Public Health England has stated that vaping is 20x safer than smoking.

“He also supports a ban on flavours in vape that would make vaping a much less palatable alternative to smoking and lead to an increase in cigarette use.”

Source: Dr John’s Blog: Bloomberg Birthday Initiative



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