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Stronger Together: Why the vape industry needs to move forward as one

2 Mins read

The vaping community is stronger together!

We were joined by Innevape’s Jeff Connell ahead of Vape Live who, at a time when everyone is talking doom and gloom, had nothing but praise for the industry.

In an exclusive interview with Vapouround, Jeff stressed that the vaping community is bigger and better than ever before…but there is more to be done.

He said:

“We are here and we are thriving, but we are stronger together.

“We need to re-energise and get back that fever and passion that took us from ground-zero to a multi-billion-dollar industry.”

Jeff Connell, Innevape

He highlighted that the global vaping industry has gone from strength to strength, but we need to protect it from the likes of Big Tobacco and anti-vapers.

And with the fourth Vape Live event just two weeks away (August 11-13) , we have the perfect opportunity to stand together, help smokers make the switch and keep the community thriving.

Jeff said:

“We are an international industry and this is the biggest show available right now.

“When will thousands of people be able to come together and blow clouds again…it may not happen for a really long time.”

Jeff Connell, Innevape

He highlighted that the platform creates a space for people to educate themselves on businesses and regulations, helping put an end to harmful misinformation.

Jeff said:

“Every single one of us that’s keeping the industry going and convincing people that vaping is the future is saving lives…and the potential of Vape Live has no limit.”

“It’s beautiful, interactive and visual…not to mention that the platform can act as a personal event at any given time.

“It’s one of those no-brainer ideas – like Flavour Up – that should have been there the whole time.”

Jeff Connell, Innevape

Eager to give back to the vaping community, Jeff has collaborated with Vape Live to organise a huge, musical giveaway.

Armed with an exclusive guitar bundle worth more than £700, one lucky visitor could win a stunning Paul Reed Smith acoustic – alongside a set of premium strings and top-of-the-line tuner.

Coming from a long line of musicians, Jeff highlighted the enormous role that music has played in his life.

He said:

“There’s no more powerful a tool to change the human condition than music…I think almost anyone would agree with that.

“We all have a song that brings us to our knees, or one that we crank up on a Friday night to make all our troubles go away.

“It’s the cheapest and greatest gift around.”

Jeff Connell, Innevape

To hear more from Jeff and learn how you could win this exclusive giveaway, register for Vape Live here.

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