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puffmi tx600 pro new vape disposable range - 6 pen sized black disposable ecigarettes sit infront of a blue background surrounded by fruit


Puffmi TX600 Pro Review

By Peach Atkinson 3rd October 2022 5 Mins


The TX600 Pro disposable vapes are a newly released line from Puffmi, a rising e-cigarette brand founded in 2021.

I was lucky enough to try out these brand new disposables before their official release on October 2nd.

Certainly on the higher end when it comes to smooth, intense flavours, these Puffmi disposables completely hit the ball out of the park with this line.

Puffmi TX600 Pro specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Vape style: Mouth to Lung
  • Activation: Draw activated (no buttons to press)
  • Design: Anti-leak
  • Flavours available: 30

puffmi vape disposable inforgraphic ont he inside of TX600 Pro disposable vape mesh coil

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TX600 Pro flavours

With up to 30 flavours available in the TX600 Pro range, I was able to test out 6 of the different flavours from this comprehensive range. Here are the ones I tried…

puffmi tx600 pro passion fruit disposable vape device

Passion Fruit

Keeping it simple(ish!) to start, this is a passion fruit flavour through and through.

It manages to encapsulate that familiar tangy, mouth-watering sensation found in well concocted, premium e-liquids.

The fact that this flavour sits perfectly balanced between simplicity and complexity is definitely something unique.

With one main flavour constituent, namely passionfruit, you may be fooled into thinking that this flavour is one dimensional.

But the complexity lies within the different modalities offered by the multiple layers of passionfruit.

You get an intense mixture of sweet, sour and fizziness all vying for your attention in a truly delicious manner.

puffmi tx600 pro strawberry ice disposable vape device

Strawberry Ice

You really can’t go wrong with this flavour, whether you are a fan of strawberry vapes or not.

This disposable offers up a bold, smooth and sweet strawberry that is then blended with a frosty iciness.

To me, the strawberry was unmistakably punchy and had a sugary quality to it, whereas the ice was sharp and cut across the slightly more laid-back berry elements.

This is a clear example of what a strawberry flavour should be, and the combination of fruity notes and cooling agents culminates in an incredibly easy to enjoy vaping experience.

puffmi tx600 pro apple ice disposable vape deviceApple Ice

I’ve never really been a die-hard apple fan when it comes to vaping, but I have noticed that recently I am growing more and more fond of them, especially ones with an element of sourness to them.

This flavour expertly nails that tongue tingling sensation I enjoy and with a subtle amount of cooling agent, the apple notes can remain most prominent.

In terms of likeness, this flavour definitely comes across as more similar to a green apple candy rather than the actual fruit – and doesn’t seem to carry the more subdued and mellow notes of a red apple.

I think my favourite thing about this flavour would be the near total lack of biting iciness.

puffmi tx600 pro watermelon ice disposable vape deviceWatermelon Ice

Another candy-like flavour, the watermelon constituents here have a well-rounded quality that produces a taste worthy of your favourite gummy sweets.

Obviously, there is a rather substantial kick of coldness thrown in there too, this time a little more potent than in the previous disposables I have mentioned.

The quirky juxtaposition of soft, luscious melon and harsh but refreshing cooling agent, creates this unique and complex flavour that constantly evolves as you vape.

I feel like this disposable would be ideal for fans of strong, fruity flavours.

puffmi tx600 pro grape ice disposable vape deviceGrape Ice

As I’ve come to expect from this line of disposables, the flavour on this one is just as, if not more, intense than the previous ones I’ve just had a look at.

The grape used in this disposable is as bold as can be and boasts a punchy bubblegum vibe.

It was very well rounded and had no traces of a chemical/artificial aftertaste.

As implied by its name, this flavour does have a modest amount of coldness to it, however, they’ve seemed to have got the precise dose yet again, as it didn’t overpower the grape notes.

Due to this being a strong-tasting flavour, the sweetness may be a little high for some vapers, however, it was still clearly well designed.

puffmi tx600 pro pink lemonade disposable vape devicePink Lemonade

Easily my favourite of the bunch, this stunning pink lemonade flavour incorporates a cacophony of different elements, all designed to create the perfect all-day vape.

There is the softness of ripe summer berries contrasted by a sour blend of citrus and both are these are compounded by a bubbling effervescence that mixes the flavours together.

There wasn’t a whole lot of sweetness to this disposable, which was something I actually really enjoyed as it made it easier to vape for a prolonged period of time without it being too much.

Overall, a perfectly executed flavour, especially due to the lack of ice.

Visit the Puffmi website to find out more.

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