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seven flavored KIWI Pods for the KIWI pen, KIWI Starter kit


KIWI Prefilled Pods Review

By Peach Atkinson 30th January 2023 5 Mins



  • E-liquid Capacity – 2ml
  • Nicotine Capacity – 10mg

These pods are compatible with the Kiwi Starter Kit that I reviewed in Issue 41 of Vapouround Magazine.

Each pack contained 2 x 2ml pre-filled pods and 2 x filter tip style mouthpieces; I got to try seven different flavours.

The design of the mouthpieces is an especially innovative way to make them more accessible to smokers, as they replicate the sensation and draw you would find on a standard cigarette…minus the tobacco.

Soft Tobacco

I have found that tobacco flavours are recently becoming more and more complex, with this one being absolutely no exception.

A mellow warmth gives this flavour a perfectly balanced and enjoyable taste and the tobacco is earthy and devoid of any smokey undertones.

To me, there was a strong element of sweetness, but never to the point of it becoming too excessive.

Personally, I don’t usually opt for tobacco flavours, not because I don’t find them enjoyable but perhaps down to the fact that nowadays the market seems to be saturated with fruity/ menthol/ice-based e-liquids.

In all honesty, I was really surprised and impressed by this particular flavour and the way it was conveyed in a carefully layered manner, offering vapers both a deep richness and a palpable amount of smooth sweetness.


Definitely one to reinvigorate, this remarkably simple flavour delivered a powerful and unequivocal wave of mintiness that cleared my sinuses instantly.

This flavour boasts a biting, sharp and easily recognisable hit of peppermint that was complemented by a fairly present level of menthol.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of mint/menthol/ ice flavours, but I can certainly appreciate that this one was concocted extremely well.

There’s no doubt in my mind this e-liquid will be an excellent choice for vapers who like that refreshing and palate-cleansing experience.


Spectacularly straightforward, this blueberry flavour is just about as simple as it gets in the vaping world – but let it be said that simple does not mean poorly executed or unenjoyable.

In fact, I would say that this flavour was probably my favourite in this specific line.

The blueberry has a certain candy-esque vibe to it and exudes a decent level of punchy sweetness.

For me, I felt that there was a subtle edge of bubblegum added on to the exhale, which made it even more enjoyable.

Due to the fact that I got on really well with this particular flavour, I managed to get through a whole pod in no time at all.

I feel like vapers who enjoy uncomplicated, fruity flavours with minimal cooling effect will simply fall in love with this one.

Vanilla Tobacco

Offering the same smooth and rich notes of tobacco as the ‘Soft Tobacco’ flavour I reviewed previously, this one had an intense and well balanced amount of creamy vanilla bean.

I would say that the vanilla element to this flavour was more pronounced when compared to the earthier tobacco, however, these proportions actually worked out really well.

I felt that the sweetness of the vanilla was offset by the almost savoury tobacco.

The depth of tobacco gave the overall flavour a soothing effect, whilst the notes of vanilla were a little heavy and clearly more prominent.

As a massive fan of creamy, dessert flavours, I enjoyed this one immensely and would gladly recommend it to fellow sweet tooths.

Mint Tobacco

Highly reminiscent of a menthol cigarette, I feel that many ex-menthol smokers will appreciate the similarities in taste here – minus many of the harmful substances found in combustible tobacco.

The split between the menthol and tobacco elements are in equal parts, so in that sense, I would say that it is rather basic in nature, but by no means in a negative manner.

You can expect a wide reaching and subtly smokey tobacco undertone, upon which a brighter note of chilling menthol can flourish.

Whilst vaping this e-liquid, I could taste both the main flavour constituents simultaneously, cementing this as an ideal choice for vapers looking for that familiar menthol and tobacco combination.


Another fantastically fruity flavour, the mango in this pod was mellow, sweet and very laid back.

With a ripe and whole tasting palate, I found it super easy and enjoyable to vape.

The fruity notes were well balanced and had a refreshing, exotic feel that came across as similar to mango juice.

To me, the mango flavouring seemed to be very consistent during my time vaping it, without the flavour diminishing over time.

Another thing I loved about this flavour would be the absolute lack of any mint or menthol elements, which allowed me to really taste the mango.

Strong Tobacco

One of the most accurate depictions of a cigarette flavour I have ever tried, I was truly taken aback by just how realistic this flavour was – especially alongside the innovative ‘filter tip’ mouthpiece.

Strong Tobacco is worlds away from the tones offered by the soft tobacco flavour I mentioned previously.

It has an intense smokiness that closely replicates the taste you get when smoking a cigarette, without the unpleasant smell often associated with burning tobacco.

I would say though, there was just the tiniest amount of sweetness added right at the end of the exhale, something that I felt gave the overall flavour a bit of a unique twist.

If you are a smoker and other flavours have just not cut it, I highly recommend this one in terms of realism.

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