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three Hiit Pouches in plastic containers in blue, orange and yellow colours. Nicotine pouches in flavours mint freeze, tangy mango and zesty lemon


Hiit Nicotine Pouches Review

By Peach Atkinson 20th May 2022 3 Mins


Emerging rapidly within the vape industry, nicotine pouches are quickly taking the world by storm due to their easy, practical and inexpensive features.

These qualities are all exhibited beautifully by Hiit, a premium nicotine pouch manufacturer.

Designed using pharma-grade nicotine, the Hiit Nicotine Pouches offer a satisfying nicotine hit, without any tobacco, smoke or vapour.

I find them to be a perfect substitute to vaping, in situations where vaping is impractical or not allowed.

What To Expect From Hiit Nicotine Pouches

Each circular container has 20 small, white pouches that are made to be disposable, and each pouch will last the user roughly 30 minutes, delivering a steady hit of nicotine throughout that time.

The Hiit Nicotine Pouches fit snugly between your gums and lips – I personally prefer to place mine near to the top of my gums.

You will probably notice a subtle tingling sensation, which basically means that your body is receiving nicotine.

What Flavoured Nicotine Pouches Are There?

These pouches come in an array of strengths and flavours. I will be taking a look at three of them today.

Zesty Lemon

Strength: 6mg/medium

An unequivocally sharp lemon flavour, this pouch is as tasty as it is satisfying.

The lemon offers a refreshing and effervescent edge that does not dissipate over time.

Rather simple in terms of flavour constituents, this pouch can reach a wide range of users regardless of their e-liquid flavour preferences.

Having said that, people who prefer fruity flavoured vapes will find that this taste is particularly impressive.

To me, the Zesty Lemon was revitalising and gave me just the hit I needed to go about my day.

Mint Freeze

Strength: 6mg/medium

A classic ‘go to’ for a vast majority of vapers, this flavour manages to re-create the icy, minty flavour found in vapes – but in nicotine pouch form.

An obvious note of peppermint is noticed first but is then compounded by a subtle element of menthol, leaving the user with a cold and fresh sensation in their mouths.

To me, it tasted rather akin to a stick of my favourite chewing gum.

As with all of the pouches I have tried from Hiit, the nicotine delivery system is reliable, consistent and extremely satisfying.

Tangy Mango

Strength: 6mg/medium

A clear favourite of mine, the mango depicted in this flavour boasts a sharp and sour initial taste, causing my mouth to water.

As with the Zesty Lemon pouch, the fruity flavours were incredibly crisp and well rounded.

The mango flavouring used in these pouches gave off a lip-puckering taste that vaguely reminded me of sour candy.

With an ensemble of fruity elements, all vying for your attention, this is the ideal flavour for people who enjoy tart, juicy tastes.

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