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VAPORESSO has launched a new program titled ‘VAPORESSO CARE, ECO GO GREEN – Global Carbon Neutral Program’

By Grace Lynk 12th January 2024 2 Mins


VAPORESSO, a leading worldwide vape brand, has launched a new program titled ‘VAPORESSO CARE, ECO GO GREEN – Global Carbon Neutral Program’, an environmental scheme that the company will run until July of this year.

The Program will address global warming, climate change and the rise in carbon dioxide emissions and carbon sinks, as VAPORESSO grapples with the negative impact of technological development within the vaping industry.

In response to continuing ecological degradation, the company have introduced a new conceptual product in the form of the world’s first ocean-friendly vaping device, called ‘OCEANGLINT’.

Intending to encourage a low carbon lifestyle, OCEANGLINT takes inspiration from VAPORESSO’s past devices, including the ECO NANO, which is both rechargeable and refillable, reducing user costs by 60 percent annually.

As well as this, VAPORESSO will launch several initiatives that coincide with The Program, including ‘UNITE TO PLANT’, an online interactive platform that will allow users to have fun while simultaneously learning about environmental protection.

The brand has also launched the ‘STEP COUNT CHALLENGE’ in collaboration with its stores worldwide, encouraging eco-friendly travel methods such as walking.

This specific challenge offers VAPORESSO rewards to those taking part, with users being able to participate across various store locations in the US, UK, France etc.

Finally, as an added bonus, the vaping brand has invited users to join their initiative of planting 6000 trees in the coming months, a continuing effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and raise awareness on the topic of global sustainability.

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