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Advocates Furious After Study Bizarrely Claims That Vaping Doesn’t Help Smokers Quit

By Patrick Griffin 22nd October 2021 2 Mins


A new study claims that vaping does not help smokers quit…so now tell that to the millions of people who used e-cigarettes to kick the habit.

Advocates were furious after a University of San Diego report claimed that vaping was a less successful quitting tool than going cold turkey, accusing the body of misreporting its own findings.

They pointed to mounting evidence that supported the life-saving alternative as one of the most popular and successful cessation tools available.

The university’s findings made headlines around the world, with news outlets publishing an onslaught of scare stories and ‘one-dimensional’ news pieces.

But advocates were quick to hit back, questioning why some journalists just blindly trusted the outlandish report.

Michael Landl of the World Vapers’ Alliance said that the articles surrounding this study are yet another example that ‘fear trumps facts’ when it comes to tobacco harm reduction.

He said:

“One study makes all the headlines without any scepticism, while a review of 50 studies from a well-respected organisation such as Cochrane barely makes the news.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to vaping, a scary headline is more important than good journalism.”

Michael Landl, World Vapers’ Alliance

He highlighted that even infamous anti-vaping group Truth Initiative’s own figures show that just three-to-five percent of smokers successfully quit cold turkey…not the 50 percent that this study suggests.

He said:

“The fact is, vaping is one of the most effective smoking cessation methods and this is proven by many studies and health organisations.

“Not to mention the millions of former smokers who already quit thanks to vaping.”

Michael Landl, World Vapers’ Alliance


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