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Vape Green Survey Finds 88 Percent Successfully Quit Smoking With Help From a Vaping Device

By Oliver Smith 14th March 2024 3 Mins

Retailer Vape Green has published the results of a survey, that has compiled data from vapers on their habits, preferences and opinions on potential government restrictions.

Titled ‘UK Vapers Survey 2023’, the team at Vape Green were able to map out a wider public opinion from the over 100 respondents they had to the study.

The team found a number of positive outcomes from this survey, that painted an exciting future for the vaping community and the industry.

From the 129 respondents, it found that 88.4 percent of those surveyed successfully quit smoking with help from a vaping device.

Open and refillable pod kits were found to be the most effective device when helping the former smokers quit.

Nicotine-free or 0mg vapes were reported to be the least effective method in smoking cessation.

Among those who haven’t successfully quit smoking, 100 percent reported that vaping helps to reduce their daily cigarette use.

And the most commonly reported reasons for vaping were to quit smoking for health reasons as well as saving money.

A spokesperson for Vape Green said:

“We ran a survey asking our customers about their vaping experience and previous smoking habits, including which devices and nicotine strengths they use and what helped them quit smoking.

“As well as for those who vape but still smoke, we investigated how vaping affects their smoking habits.”

When it came to the vapers’ opinions on current state of vaping legislation, on top of the looming threats from the UK government, the survey produced readings that has worried advocates.

Respondents were asked: “If the UK government banned vaping or significantly restricted your access to vape products, what would you do?”

38.8 percent of UK vapers said they would go back to smoking 34.9 percent said they would be forced to purchase illicit products 26.4 percent said they would quit vaping

Finally, the survey reported a number of initiatives and legislations that vapers would support and oppose.

For harsher fines to store owners selling e-cigarettes to under-18s, 82.2 percent of the community were in support. As well as 58.9 percent supporting public recycling bins in city centres for single-use vaping devices.

A big positive was the readings that found 96.9 percent opposed a higher tax on nicotine products. Not to mention a ban on all flavours except tobacco which the community was against even stronger with 97.7 opposing the planned legislation.

The spokesperson for Vape Green continued:

“With the current open consultation on proposed legislation changes surrounding vaping, we ran a survey asking our customers to comment on a range of vaping issues.

“From changes they’d support to the broader question of what they would do if the UK government restricted their access to vaping.”


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