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By Staff Editor 14th June 2022 2 Mins


One of the UK’s most innovative companies, Multibrands have launched a revolutionary new disposable vape that looks set to make a real dent in the market.

The Bradford-based company, manufacturer of the famous long-life Supacell battery range, has made a major breakthrough in vape technology with its new ‘Tech-Bar’ vape range.

Using Supacell Cobalt Technology (TM), Multi-brands’ researchers have struck gold with a 600 Puff disposable vape which promises the 600th puff to be as strong as the first – at a very low cost to retailers.

“We’re very excited by the Tech-Bar offer” says Multibrands CEO, Imran Hussain “we did a huge amount of research into learning what vapers like and dislike, and Tech-Bar is a direct result of that”.

“We learned that many disposable vape users are disappointed when a vape loses power in the last stages of the vape experience,” says Hussain, “So we engineered Tech-Bar so it keeps on giving right until the last puff”.

Hussain says that it’s not just the added battery life that promises to keep punters returning to Tech-Bar stockists in shops and forecourts up and down the country.

“Tech-Bar is available with 25 flavours that will remain full and strong from the first hit to the last”.

“Our product test research was mind-blowing. Respondents were crazy about how the flavour stayed juicy all the way to puff number 600”.

Imran says the added good news for retailers is the profitability of Tech-Bar.

“It’s perfect. A retailer could sell a Tech-Bar disposable vape for £5.95 and make a decent profit”.

In recent times, some disposable vape brands have struggled with issues such as piracy and dodgy imitations – but Tech-Bar has a built-in defence against any brand corruption.

Each Tech-Bar comes with its own individual QR Scan code so a user can immediately scan it with their phone and check it’s a bona-fide Tech-Bar.

Tech-Bar was launched across the UK in June 2022.

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