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Vape For Reforestation

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A new vape brand from the people that brought you Six Licks is putting sustainability front and centre, by planting a tree for every bottle of e-liquid sold.

Like all industries, the vape business generates a lot of waste. The arbitrary 10ml restriction on bottle sizes certainly doesn’t help.

And while vaping is still far less harmful to the environment than the trillions of cigarette butts generated every year, we can always do more.

Now, many companies are looking for ways to reduce plastic and be more environmentally sustainable.

Born out of the desire to do something a little different in the industry, Wild Roots is the juice brand with a conscience.

By focusing on the carbon footprint of e-liquid production, the brand has been able to put a unique measure in place to offset the environmental cost of both production and consumption.

Brand director, Lewis Felstead, said:

“There are so many different juices and from how they’re produced to how they’re disposed of, we wanted to create something different that gives back. Wild Roots is all about eco-friendly sustainability”

With their core campaign ‘#onebottleonetree’, Wild Roots has made a commitment to planting a tree for every single bottle of e-liquid that they sell – no exceptions.

To uphold this promise, they’re working with Eden Reforestation Projects: a non-profit organisation that allows individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprints.

Eden Reforestation Projects employs local people in poor and deforested areas of the world to plant trees on their behalf, restoring nature and fighting poverty at the same time.

The non-profit aims of planting 500 million trees a year by 2025.

Lewis said:

“When a store purchases bottles of Wild Roots e-liquid, we plant the trees. So, for the end user, the consumer, there’s no action involved.

“They can walk into a store to buy a bottle and they know that with that single bottle a tree has been planted. They don’t have to do anything more.”

In the short amount of time since Wild Roots launched, they’ve already had close to 33,000 trees planted on their behalf. Their goal is one million.

Keeping the whole brand as sustainable as possible is the ultimate goal, so all of their packaging is either recycled when it gets to the consumer or recyclable when it’s been used.

“Vaping is a bright, bold and loud industry. In the rush to create new things, sometimes where things are sourced from and how they’re sourced aren’t necessarily taken into consideration, so we wanted to be one of the first to take those things into account.

“This young industry is developing very quickly and spreading globally, so as it grows, we begin to learn. And as we’re now learning and developing as an industry, that’s why we’re starting to make these decisions.”

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