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New Survey Shows Vaping Has Helped 400,000 Dutch Smokers Quit

By Patrick Griffin 30th June 2022 2 Mins



A new survey into the vaping habits of former smokers in the Netherlands demonstrates just how effective the reduced-risk alternative really is.

More than three-quarters of Dutch vapers would still be smoking if they had not discovered e-cigarettes, it has been revealed.

This was just one of the findings from a large survey carried out by Dutch vape advocacy group Acvoda and trade association Esigbond.

Just under 3,000 current vapers were quizzed about their move from traditional cigarettes and, for many, it was a difficult journey.

The survey found that former smokers had tried to stop smoking five times before they found a solution that worked for them.

In line with similar surveys around the world, the number one reason for switching was wanting a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

There are around 400,000 e-cigarette users in the Netherlands with an average age of 45.

The survey’s key findings included:

  • 63 percent switched to vaping because they wanted a less harmful way to consume nicotine
  • 54 percent said they switched because they wanted to quit smoking
  • 81 percent of vapers said flavours played an important role in their switch from cigarettes

When it came to overall wellbeing, nine in ten vapers reported improved health since switching.

Most reported a decrease in coughing (70 percent), improved condition (69 percent), increased smelling/tasting (64 percent) and less shortness of breath (62 percent).

Interestingly, almost all the vapers surveyed were former smokers (96 percent), while more than three-quarters had tried other cessation aids without success.

A third of smokers who had tried quitting with nicotine gum, sprays or patches said they later returned to smoking.

Emil ‘t Hart, chairman of the vape shop trade association Esigbond, said:

“This study shows that many ex-smokers would actually continue to smoke if it were not for the e-cigarette.

“Flavours explain part of the success, as for many quitters, the flavours are essential in switching from the regular cigarette to the less harmful e-cigarette.

“This research shows that the e-cigarette deserves a place in anti-smoking policy and that it is very unwise to make the e-cigarette unattractive by banning flavours.”



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