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National No Smoking Day 2019: How to make the most out of your first vape expo

By Roisin Delaney 13th March 2019 4 Mins


Expo season is just around the corner, with huge events set to take place all over the world in coming months.

For those who recently made the switch to vaping (well done you!) and who want to experience everything the vape industry has to offer, how about a sense of community that smoking cigarettes could never supply?

Why not attend one of the many vape shows that have grown to dominate in recent years.

As with any large event, there are ways to maximise the experience, ensuring that you walk away with fond memories and some great new products.

Here’s our top tips on how to make the most out of your first vape expo:


This may seem like an obvious point, but we simply cannot overstate the importance of access to water at any vaping event.

Even if you’re not vaping more than usual, exhibition halls may start to become slightly foggy as the event goes on and a lack of water in those circumstances can be uncomfortable, as well as affecting your juice tasting palate.

Normally several vendors will give out free bottles, but you should bring plenty with you just in case.

2. Footwear

Choice of footwear has become more important in recent years, due to the sheer size vaping exhibitions have grown to.

At the major shows, you can expect several hundred vendors as well as a variety of recreational areas and a main stage.

This means there’s a lot of ground to cover and many attendees will be wanting to see it all.

Looking slick in your new dress shoes might seem like a good idea at first, but we promise you’ll be regretting it before the end of the first day.

A pair of comfortable trainers with lots of ankle support is recommended here, you’ll thank us later.

3. Come with a plan

Time management is another crucial part of getting the most out of your first vape event. Although each day typically runs for about eight hours, time can slip away very quickly when you’re so engrossed in everything around you.

If you plan on attending for one day, this is particularly important, since there simply wont be enough time to visit every booth.

Luckily, most major shows have a full exhibitors’ list available on their websites or in the show guides. Take a bit of time before the show to research who will be there and plan accordingly.

Highlighting must see booths is a great way of doing this, and a floor plan can even help you work out a convenient route around the event.

4. Prioritise hardware
Lots of new hardware is specifically released to coincide with larger shows, so it’s a great opportunity to be among the very first people to get your hands on the latest devices, in some cases weeks before general release.

Because hardware is bulkier and more expensive to move around, supplies can be somewhat limited, especially when a product is highly anticipated.

If there’s a specific device that you’re keen on, we recommend heading to the vendor that sells it early on, because there’s a good chance it will be totally sold out before the show is over.

If you apply all of these tips to your first vape exhibition trip, you should be in for an unforgettable experience.

Thinking of going to your first expo in the UK? Don’t miss The Vaper Expo at the NEC in Birmingham May 3-5. Vapouround Magazine is the exclusive media partner to this event.



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