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Meet XJOY Bar 1000: The Small Bar with Big Game – 1000 Puffs in Just 2ml

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London, UK – Today, innovation is unleashed. The future arrives with XJOY Bar 1000, the world’s first single use vape product to achieve more than 1000 puffs in 2mL. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, it holds 2mL of e-liquid that can deliver flavours that will stay with you until the end. In addition, to 1000 puffs and consistent flavours, the XJOY Bar 1000 brings with it high standards of safety and unparalleled quality in the making of the product.

“I am very fortunate for the opportunity to showcase our latest fully automated production line, all housed in the secure dust free production rooms.” said Thalia Cheng, UK Business Director at SMOORE.

“As you can see, we are working in full capacity to bring it to the UK to get the first taste of XJOY. We send this first batch of our newest innovation in collaboration with XJOY as our dedicated contribution to support UK’s smokers in their smoke-free journey.”

xjoy bar 1000 disposable vapes being manufactured

First Stock

XJOY Bar 1000 is planned to be stocked by the first 1000 participating stores around the UK by February. And it will be fully stocked around the country soon after with other stores and chains.

“Our retail partners are all very excited to take on our XJOY Bar 1000, because it provides them with a significant advantage over the other vapes. For one, it is the best and only legal single-use vape that can achieve 1000 puffs, lasting longer, which is a big deal for our consumers especially now given the rising living costs.” explained an XJOY spokesperson.

“Consumers will appreciate that our products are competitively priced compared to other 600 puffs vapes available on the market.”

pink, orange, blue and green xjoy bar 1000 single use vapes

Consistent Flavours Throughout

“Our team of product taste testers have overwhelmingly chosen to work with this technology in our new vapes simply for the reasons that it lasts and lasts well. The flavours will not go bland as you vape like you do with other disposables. XJOY Bar 1000 will last you more than 1000 puffs and most importantly, the taste will stay consistently present. We were amazed and very happy with the final product.”

xjoy bar 1000 yellow branded hgv class 1 lorry

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