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Roaring To Success: Exclusive Interview with CEO of ROAR LABS

By Oliver Smith 22nd March 2024 3 Mins

During a wild night of freestyling grime artists and vaping innovation showcases, we managed to catch Rob Harvey, CEO of ROAR LABS for a chat on the brand’s starlit endeavours.

Initially, when the team started out in East London, what was the inspiration for the name ROAR LABS?

“It’s all about empowering people to make safer and informed choices for a life that last.

“A lion is majestic, courageous…it allows you to roar and have a voice.

“Also, for the global markets, a lion is synonymous with the UK.”

The branding is recognised as professional and sleek, what is the thought process behind this?

“Not just about branding…it’s about countering the issues in the industry, reducing the appeal to youth and non-nicotine consumers through more muted colours and design.

“As a collective some of our cofounders come from corporate background so we seek to ensure the brand is relevant in the long term and not just the short term.”

ROAR LABS already have an impressive roster of products available to purchase, are there any plans to develop new products and technologies?

“We have advanced prototyping for new intelligent power bank charging device that will address concerns around batteries being discarded, landfill fires and reducing lithium supply chain pressures.

“There are other products in the pipeline going through R&D that we will be able to discuss in the near future.’

Since starting out its journey, what has been the biggest challenges and achievements the brand has faced so far?

“Our challenges focus around the educational process…allowing consumers to inform themselves on what is in a vaping product.

“As well as changing the consumer mindset to move from single use disposables to longer-life modular devices.”

ROAR LABS has already established itself as an important UK brand, are there any plans for expansion in Europe?

“I’m happy to announce that we are already underway with relationships developed in Albania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Iceland, Poland, Romania, and Spain.

“We are expanding further into Europe in the more immediate future.”

With the Middle East and North Africa e-cigarette market growing at an immense rate, does the team set its sights on when entering this particular region?

“We are using Europe as a stepping stone into the Middle East and North Africa.

“The team and I are open to partnership opportunities with distributors who value British quality products.”

Sustainability is clearly key to ROAR LABS, what has been the biggest success you’ve seen from this focus as a brand?

“The biggest success has been to see the ability to reduce carbon emissions through cardboard casing, food grade silicone tips, and supplying UK e-liquid.

“We are one of the first in the industry to carbon footprint label our device…as the transportation of vaping products is a key element in reduction of carbon emissions.

“Meanwhile we know cigarettes emit 14g of carbon dioxide with each combustible stick, which equates to 280g per pack.

“Our device has the equivalent of two packs of nicotine in one device and if shipped by sea freight is the equivalent of 230g of carbon.”

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