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By Emily Malia 7th December 2023 4 Mins

whether it’s working alongside other companies to fight state bans, accepting speaking opportunities to inform the public or providing state representatives with information, this advocate is doing all she can. 

Allivapes’ is a recognisable name across the online vaping community and familiar face from the Wednesday Night Live Show but, who is the woman behind the advocacy? 

At just 15 year’s old, Allison Boughner began recreationally smoking and started trying to kick the habit throughout her 20’s, constantly going back and forth with the idea. 

It wasn’t until she reached 30, that it was time to face the music when Alli – now a mother of one – was diagnosed with a blood clot in her leg. 


Reflecting on that time, she said: 

“Most 30-yearolds do not suffer from DVT and knowing my life choice of continuing to smoke. 

“Even after I quit through my whole pregnancy, it was something I could no longer ignore. I took hematologist’s advice, tried patches, gum and even prescription drugs to help me quit for good.” 

Of course, these trials of countless alternatives didn’t work and after some tough life changes, including a drastic move to South Carolina, Alli gave up on trying to quit smoking. 


She said: 

“Somehow the stress of life made me forget that lesson I learned a year prior, lying in a hospital bed.” 


The advocate was faced with more issues when she learned that cigarettes were a hell of a lot cheaper in her new state and so inevitably, she smoked more. 

The intrigue strook when her bosses began to sell e-cigarettes to aid in kicking the bad habit and so she was handed a disposable tank with 18mg. 


Allison explained: “I was blown away; right then without realising it, I was done with cigarettes… “A few days into my vaping journey my battery died at the bar and as I went outside to light up, I took one puff and was disgusted by the taste.” 


That was it – she never smoked again. For Allison, it truly was that easy, which was shocking for her, considering her struggles to quit in the past. 

As she set out on her own vaping journey, Allison soon discovered that there was more to the community than she initially imagined and the more Ali learned, the more passionate she became. 

The desire to involve herself in advocacy for vaping stemmed from the misinformation coming from public health across the U.S. 


Alli explained: “I couldn’t believe this powerful technology that finally got me off cigarettes – when all other options failed – was being portrayed in such a negative way. 


“We owe it to every single smoker to speak out against health misinformation; they deserve accurate and positive information on the health benefits of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool.” 


Now, Allison Boughner is the Vice President of South Carolina Vapor Association and podcast co-host, where they talk about advocacy and current issues along with her work on local bills with the SCVA. 

Alongside this work, she writes blog posts for the World Vaper’s Alliance, keeping people up to date with current issues in order to get as many people involved as possible. 

Despite all of the effort Alli puts into her advocacy, like most people, there are the personal stories that stick with her the longest and mean the most. 

According to her, in a community full of helpful people there are ‘standout moments all of the time’ but a certain memory always resurfaces as a defining moment. 

One day, when a customer came in on suggestion of her doctor – as her smoking habit was harming her health – Allison assisted her in switching to a device and flavour she loved.


The advocate stated: “She came in from her most recent appointment and around the corner with tears in her eyes, hugged me and thanked me for saving her life. 

“It turns out her results changed dramatically for the better. I will never forget that experience and how it made me feel like I was helping people.” 

This interaction still fuels Alli today and for every single person she reaches that decides to give making the switch a try, makes it all worth it. 


She said: 

“In a perfect world, public health will admit that vaping truly is safer, and they will start to approve products that adults depend on. 

“I think we have some trying times ahead of us but in the end I have to believe that science will win.”


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