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Highlights from the Vape Live USA Day 2

By Staff Editor 19th November 2020 7 Mins


After many months of preparation, Vape Live is back, this time, from the USA (virtually)!

Education plays a huge role at Vape Live, so it’s been great to once again bring a host of speakers from both sides of the Atlantic to talk all things vaping and tobacco harm reduction.

Regulatory changes in the UK and EU post 2020.

The panel discussion included, John Dunne, Clive Bates, Lee Bryant, Damien Bove and Dustin Dahlman.

The panel started with a discussion on Brexit and what this could mean for the UK vaping industry. Clive Bates raised the point that the UK could see new regulations post-Brexit if European regulations no longer apply, such as changing the nicotine limit.

He also suggested cross-promotion in cigarettes, where smokers could find adverts or information about vaping in packs.

The panel sounded optimistic about the opportunities that Brexit could provide the industry. UKVIA Director General John Dunne highlighted this could be a quick win for the government.

Lee Bryan spoke about the challenges that US or European brands could face doing business with UK brands post-Brexit, in particular in Northern Ireland. There will be no changes in some respects such as packaging, but in others, it will take brands a while to get used to the new system.

John asked Dustin Dahlman to speak on the TPD review which will affect businesses in Europe. Dustin highlighted that research is ongoing but there is dissatisfaction with how negative the scientists have been concerning vaping. The report is still in preliminary stages but he stated it is in a bad state currently, with scientists taking a hazard-based approach rather than a risk-based one which would favour vaping.

There are some positives, Dustin said as a business owner that the regulations are clear, although there are concerns with countries introducing flavour bans such as Denmark.

Mo Hassan from Dr. Vapes – Back by popular demand!

Mo Hassan, Director of Dr Vapes E-Liquid Ltd gave one of the most popular talks of Vape Live back in July. We invited Mo back to speak for a second time to discuss how we can keep the industry alive.

Mo started by highlighting the importance of understanding the chain, from manufacturer to vape shop. He stressed the role that vape stores play as face of the industry, especially speaking to customers who may not know much about vaping. He discussed what Dr. Vapes has done to support their retailers including adjusting their prices so that the lower price would attract more customers. He urged brands to consider this, especially during lockdown as it could help to collectively grow the industry.

He also mentioned that brands could help by passing on information and making sure that stores have good access to education as they can pass this to new consumers who are looking to quit smoking. This education can help retail stores to better represent the industry.

Mo spoke about having a personality when it comes to speaking to audiences across the digital platforms. It can help brands to stand out, be different and engage with customers. It helps to build a digital relationship between consumers and stores.

Mo also mentioned the importance of virtual platforms such as VOXPO in times of COVID-19 as conferences, panels and events across the world were cancelled.

He also gave us a cheeky insight into his next track!

Read our summary of Mo’s talk from VAPE Live day 1 in July

Live session from the Florida Smoke Free Association followed by a live Q&A session.

Image Source: VOXPO Events

Nick Orlando from the Florida Smoke Free Association was joined by guests for a live Q&A discussion.

The panel started with an overview of what the Florida Smoke Free Association is and who makes up the association. Delorse Orlando, Treasurer of the FSFA, explained how lobbyists work in relation to government law making and why its important.

Delores stressed that it can be difficult to spread the word concerning law, updates and news for the vaping industry. She touched briefly on the US election and what Joe Biden could mean for vaping. She mentioned that she views Biden as a potentially negative outcome for the industry given his anti-vaping views.

The Vapouround Awards

The event of the year, sponsored by Innevape Labs, is back!

Hosted by Vapouround founder Paul Caplin, and editor, Patrick Griffin.

The votes have been counted and it is now time to announce the winners of the first virtual Vapouround awards. In another first, there is new Vapouround Award: The new Hall of Fame Award.

The event started with an amazing look back over the last five years of Vapouround. Patrick announced a record amount of entries including counting over 50,000 votes. Due to COVID-19, judges were replaced by a public voting system.

Big winners included Just Juice Superior E-liquids who won Best Up and Coming Brand sponsored by Crazy Cloudzzz, Big D Vapes who took Vape Shop of the Year as Sponsored by King Kong Vape Juice and Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Pacha Mama Fuji Apple, Strawberry & Nectarine took E-Liquid of the Year as Sponsored by VOXPO.

Patrick and Paul showed us their dance moves to a rendition of Earth, Wind and Fire, ‘September’ by Innevape’s CEO, Jeff Connell, complete with smoke machine.

The show closed with a look back over the past 5 years of the awards including a look at staff old and new.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Read more: full list of the winners of the Vapouround Awards

Vaping and the gateway myth

Image Source: VOXPO EVENTS

Michael Landl is the Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA). Michael took us through what the World Vapers’ Alliance is about, as well as its policies.

Michael explained that the WVA unites vapers and raises their voices to counteract miseducation around vaping. The organisation also wants to make sure that vapers are heard when policies are being drafted. It consists of 20 partner organisations from around the world who they help with campaigns and education.

The WVA is running a campaign about the European Beating Cancer plan in order to encourage governments to consider vaping as a harm reduction tool. They have also supported groups in different countries such as the Netherlands with proposals for flavour bans.

Michael touched on a paper the WVA and the Consumer Choice Center published on the controversial ‘gateway effect’. They explored nicotine, flavours and their effects on young users.

Michael took us through the evidence debunking the myth that vaping leads people to smoking. He shared the figures of falling smoking rates which disprove the theory which clearly shows rates are at their lowest.

Part of the presentation covered the dangers of flavour bans and the detrimental effects to public health. Vapers have returned to smoking or rely on black markets, especially in the US.

Wrapping up the day with the Florida Smoke Free Association.

Joshua Unger joined us for the final panel of day 2. The live discussion started with a run through of what the Florida Smoke Free Association is and what they offer their membership.

The discussion moved on to the economy and how much vaping contributes to it. Joshua also estimated the cost of job losses as a result of flavour bans, as well as on tax revenues and the overall economy.

Joshua highlighted the contrast between the positive attitude of the UK compared the negativity and scepticism of the US. He also mentioned that friends and family have used vapes in order to quit smoking.

Joshua travels to Washington frequently to speak on behalf of the industry. The FSFA also gets involved with educating politicians when it comes time to develop policies relating to smoking cessation. The organisation has developed packs which are aimed at communicating the benefits of switching as effectively and easily as possible.




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