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Geekvape has announced the inauguration of the world’s first e-cigarette industry “Geek Fest” fan festival in the Philippines

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In September, the leading e-cigarette brand Geekvape heralded the premiere of the Geek Fest fan festival in the Philippines. This groundbreaking event not only electrified the Philippines but also signaled a transformative wave for the industry at large.

With over 5,000 attendees, including representatives from Southeast Asia, top-tier influencers, and industry media, the magnitude of the event was palpable.

The event was also live-streamed, drawing the attention of millions globally. Moreover, Geekvape unveiled its latest offerings at the festival: the GEEKBAR MCU and GEKKBAR X FLAVA Co-Branding, both equipped with Geekvape’s pioneering VPU vaporization solution, the industry’s cutting-edge.

Through this endeavor, Geekvape showcased its state-of-the-art technology and products, forging profound ties with its aficionados and setting a lofty benchmark for the e-cigarette industry.

At this grand event, GeekVape meticulously curated six distinct exhibition zones: the GEEK History District, GEEK Classic Product Zone, GEEK New Release Area, GEEK DIY Coil Section, GEEK Culinary Zone, and the GEEK Culture Street.

The displays spanned the company’s evolution, product line showcases, new launches, and future blueprints. During the awards segment, accolades were presented to their devoted partners — TYJC, SYJ, Dentka, Nickong, and Flava etc. To date, GeekVape has triumphantly launched the Aegis, Wenax, and Sonder series.

Their disposable e-cigarette sub-brand, Geekbar, introduced the much-anticipated new series, which has been fervently embraced and lauded by global e-cigarette aficionados.

The event buzzed with vibrant energy, with countless fans converging to relish this unforgettable extravaganza. Geekvape spared no effort, presenting their ardent attendees with lavish gifts.

In the new product interaction segment, they introduced the “Geek Forum,” where their product line managers engaged directly with the audience, delving into product intricacies and addressing myriad queries.

Additionally, Geekvape persistently refines its product line based on user feedback, ever committed to delivering e-cigarette products that truly resonate with user needs.

Moreover, their detailed presentation on the latest product’s standout performance and cutting-edge technology captivated and earned high praise from those present.

The latest collaborative products, GEEKBAR MCU and FLAVA, showcase GeekVape’s cutting-edge VPU vaporization technology, setting new benchmarks in flavor quality, safety, and durability.

These innovations utilize an efficient heating element in tandem with NON-WOVEN wicking cotton, achieving a 30% improvement in e-liquid utilization and a 23% enhancement in heating speed.

Under consistent puff conditions, the aerosol output per draw increased by 23.7%, maintaining a steady release and consistently rich flavor.

Geekvape further optimized the wicking capability and e-liquid storage on the atomizer core.

Additionally, with automated production lines and rigorous quality control, these products boast an impressive yield rate of 99.95%.

The Geek Fest fan festival reaffirmed the deep-rooted connection between Geekvape and its dedicated community, nurturing mutual respect and promoting co-creation with local consumers.

Since its debut in the Philippines, Geekvape has partnered with more than 1,200 vape stores, firmly planting its flag as a leading e-cigarette brand in the country.

With a ‘customer-first’ philosophy, GeekVape emphasizes innovative solutions to meet user preferences.

This commitment is supported by their robust service infrastructure and data-informed strategies, relentlessly driving an elevated user experience.

About GeekVape.
GeekVape ardently champions six foundational values: Innovation, Passion, Quality, Open-mindedness, Community, and Relevance.

Since its foundation in 2015, the brand has embraced diverse perspectives with the goal of driving societal betterment and providing a healthier vaping experience for all.

Serving a global customer base exceeding 30 million, GeekVape maintains exceptional standards. On social media, the brand actively interacts with over 2 million individuals, each distinctively creative in their fields and living with confidence.

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