European Parliament Endorses Vaping as a Smoking Cessation Tool

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Following the EU’s Subcommittee on Public Health (SANT) endorsement on November 7, the European Parliament has now, in a full assembly, adopted the report recognising the significant role of vaping in aiding smoking cessation.

This comprehensive adoption by the Parliament marks a pivotal moment in the fight against smoking-related illnesses.

The report, which is a part of the Parliament’s broader initiative on non-communicable diseases, not only acknowledges vaping as an effective method for smoking cessation but also should set a new direction for health policies within the EU.

However, the initial recommendation by the SANT to limit vaping in certain public areas remains a point of contention.

Michael Landl, Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance, reflects on this latest development:

“The full adoption of this report by the European Parliament is a step forward.

“It underscores a significant shift in recognising vaping’s positive impact on public health.

“We now call on the European Commission to align with this perspective, as it represents the collective voice and decision of the Parliament, the direct representatives of EU citizens.

“Listening to this voice is not just a matter of policy but of democratic responsibility.”

Addressing the concerns about public vaping, Landl adds:

“While we welcome the Parliament’s endorsement, the proposed restrictions on vaping in public spaces are concerning.

“Such measures could inadvertently hinder smokers’ transition to a less harmful alternative.

“It’s vital to base regulatory decisions on scientific evidence, distinguishing vaping from smoking.

“We advocate for a regulatory approach that supports public health objectives while respecting the nuances between smoking and vaping.”

The World Vapers’ Alliance remains committed to advocating for harm reduction strategies, such as vaping, to be integrated into EU public health policies.

This approach is crucial for effectively reducing smoking rates and tackling non-communicable diseases across Europe.

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