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Vaping 101

Vaping 101: Vaping Etiquette

By Staff Editor 30th April 2019 2 Mins


Vaping is quickly becoming part and parcel of modern life. But although attitudes towards the technology are changing, it’s important to remember that every vaper has the opportunity to positively influence how non-vapers perceive our community.

1. Bars, cafes and communal areas

A growing number or bars, cafes and other venues now allow vaping. While this is fantastic for a considerate stealth vape, this doesn’t give us a free pass to fog-out rooms with billowing clouds of vapour.

If in doubt, feel free to ask the proprietor, but generally these allowances have pod systems and other low-power MTL vape emissions in mind.

2. Non-smoking areas

Throughout the UK and EU, vaping is prohibited in certain no-smoking areas such as train platforms.

Although research suggests that second hand vapour does not have the same associated risks as second hand smoke, it’s important to remember that restrictions do not discriminate between the two in such areas.

Mandatory penalty fines may apply, so don’t give in to temptation!

3. Sub-ohming in public spaces

In open public spaces such as parks and town centres, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a slightly cloudier vape, but being considerate to others sharing that space can make a huge difference to how non-vapers perceive our community.

Exhaling your vapour directly upwards will minimise the aroma for other people and ensure that it dissipates above anyone in your vicinity.

In general, common sense goes a long way to making sure that your vaping doesn’t impact others.

Although e-cigarettes have changed countless lives and even become a passion for many of us, we should always respect the wishes of those who want no part of it.

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