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Vaping 101

Five Mistakes that New Vapers Make

By Staff Editor 27th May 2019 3 Mins


While vaping is a fantastic alternative to traditional smoking, it can be confusing for new users and common mistakes may result in a less than brilliant experience.

1. Starting with a complicated device:

Fully-featured mods are really tailored towards enthusiasts, with a host of settings to play around with.

Our advice is to start with a one-button or draw-activated device. Less complexity means there’s less to go wrong and there’s less chance of you getting frustrated and reaching for the familiar simplicity of a cigarette.

2. Starting with a sub-ohm atomiser:

Thick, billowing clouds and intense flavour production are undeniably appealing, but you’ll need a larger mod to power beefier coils and high power setups invariably consume far more e-liquid. This results in slightly more expensive running costs and means you’ll be refilling your tank more often.

As a new user, low-power setups may offer an experience that’s more similar to cigarettes.

3. Using low-grade batteries:

If your first device uses replaceable batteries, you’ll need to make sure that you only use cells which have been thoroughly tested, from a reputable supplier. Unfortunately some companies produce batteries with hugely exaggerated specifications, which could put you in danger.

You should only use batteries that are approved by Battery Mooch, who tests the cells we use in vaping and uses his experience as an electrical engineer to constantly update his list of recommendations.

4. Only using super sweet e-liquids:

High levels of added sweetener will cause your replaceable coils or pods to degrade much more quickly. If you’re a new vaper, this can be quite frustrating since the result is more frequent maintenance to your device, as well as the cost of replacement parts.

If you want to keep your coils fresh for as long as possible, ask your local vape shop for an e-liquid that contains little or no sweetener. It may save you some hassle until you move on to atomisers that are more suited to sweet e-liquids.

5. Starting with the wrong nicotine strength:

The best way to find the right nicotine strength is to buy a selection of e-liquids at different strengths and seeing which level satisfies your cravings.

If you find that you’re constantly puffing away on your new vape, it may be that your nicotine level is too low. If it’s too harsh or you feel short of breath after vaping, this indicates that your nicotine level is too high.

New vapers can benefit from using nicotine salt e-liquids, since these allow the nicotine to enter the bloodstream much more quickly with less throat hit.

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