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Top 5 Dual Coil RDAs

By Staff Editor 28th March 2020 3 Mins


Header image by @_dragons_breath_ (Instagram)

Dual coil RDAs have been the gold standard for enthusiast vapers who enjoy high wattages for years now. There’s something for everyone these days but here we’re highlighting five options that should cater to just about anyone who’s looking for intense warmth, flavour and extreme vapour production. 

1.   Wotofo Recurve Dual:

A natural successor to Mikevapes’ and Wotofo’s original Recurve, the Recurve dual is a fairly compact RDA for it’s class, with smooth honeycomb airflow. It retains the same half pipe style deck, which makes building a breeze, even for newcomers. This is a good starting point for those who want to give dual coil vaping a go, without breaking the bank. Due to the airflow being somewhat restricted, compared to other dual coil RDAs, this is perhaps not the one for monster coils, but it produces an excellent vape nonetheless. 

recurve dual rda in silver and blue

2. Hellvape Passage:

The passage is a collaboration between Hellvape and Youtuber Matt from SMM. This is a bit of a departure from his other projects, since he’s usually known for single coil atomisers. The passage is another good option for newcomers, with an intuitive block style building deck. This allows you to install virtually any coil, large or small, without issue. The “passage” airflow system results in a really smooth, if somewhat restricted vape, so this is another good option for those who wish to use dual coils but prefer less air. 

3. Mass Mods Axial Pro:

The Axial Pro is a relatively new release, but it boasts some impressive features. It’s small for a dual coil atomiser, but provides a deceptive amount of airflow, despite appearances. It also has an optional series build deck, which allows you to double the resistance of a dual coil build, making it suitable for series mechanical mods. The minimalist looks of the top cap also make it a nice fit on a wide range of tubes. This is a versatile little atty that’s best suited to experienced builders. 

axial pro rda in silver

4.  Coilturd An RDA For Vaping:

Tongue in cheek name aside, this is a serious RDA. Its deck is nothing new but that’s no bad thing because postless blocks are very easy to build. This, combined with airflow that is directly jetted into the coils by the top cap, along with three airflow inserts to choose from, make for a versatile RDA that’s big on flavour. It also has a glassic, Goon-esque look, which means it pairs beautifully with mech tubes and box mods alike. 

5.  Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini:

Vaperz Cloud have been going from strength to strength in the last year or so and the Asgard Mini is their crowning achievement when it comes to RDAs. It’s a 25mm version of the original Asgard and in our view, this improves performance noticeably. The massive honeycomb airflow and Ultem insert remain in tact, though there is slightly less air available on the Mini, compared to its bigger brother. The easy build deck, combined with some of the smoothest airflow on the market and great flavour make this a top RDA. It may be a little too airy for some users, but those who are looking to put serious power through their atomiser should look no further. 

asgard mini rda in silver and black

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