HQD Super Pro Disposable Review

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Boasting unmatched simplicity, the HQD Super Pro devices tick all the boxes when it comes to choosing a reliable, affordable and tasty disposable setup. 

Device Specifications:

  • Up to 600 puffs
  • 20mg salt nicotine

Today we’re looking at the HQD Super Pro disposable vape. With an RRP of just £6, each device offers approximately 600 puffs and is equivalent to about 4 packs of cigarettes.

An ideal choice for both casual and heavy smokers looking to replace traditional tobacco – smoke breaks will never be the same again. Just a few puffs on an HQD Super Pro disposable and your nicotine cravings will be satisfied. With 15 different flavours on offer, there really is something for everyone.

Here are my thoughts on three of the available flavours you can choose from.

Super Pro Banana Ice

Sweet and creamy banana is offset by a cold and ear-tingling iciness culminating in a bizarrely delicious and easy-to-vape flavour. The elements of banana seemed to replicate the same, foamy vibes found in banana candies and therefore gives off a sweet and satisfying taste. With the added hit of cooling agent, it soon became not only a fruity flavour but also a refreshing and unique one too. I liked the juxtaposition of the soft notes and the sharper, icy notes – making an obviously well-designed flavour that will appeal to a wide range of flavour preferences.

Super Pro Cola

Well rounded and fizzy, this flavour has all of the hallmarks of a decent cola taste. I found there was a realistic, deep sweetness to it that managed to nail the multi-layered effervescence offered up in a glass of ice-cold cola. 

Cola flavours are extremely varied when it comes to vaping, and with each variation comes different flavour proportions. This one from HQD however, seems to incorporate the careful balance between sweet and fizzy, and I really enjoyed the revitalising experience when vaping this flavour. 

Super Pro Grapey

The rich and vivacious nature of this flavour is astounding from the get go, and I was impressed at just how fruity it was. To me, this flavour managed to encompass a sweetness not unlike a grape bubblegum, and there was absolutely no hint of any chemical aftertaste. With an uncomplicated set of flavours, this disposable oozes simplicity and is equally easy to vape due to its basic but delicious taste. I felt that the fruity element was simple and bright, and with a lack of intense iciness, the grape really had a chance to take centre stage. ‘Grapey’ is certainly my favourite so far in this line of disposables.

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