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Vape’ry Doctor Foster Shortfill Review

By Peach Atkinson 14th March 2022 5 Mins


Vape’ry’s very own e-liquid range, Doctor Foster, is put to the test in this latest e-liquid review from Peach Atkinson. The new vape juice range from Vape’ry includes six flavours, available in 50ml shortfill bottles. Each Vape’ry Doctor Foster shortfill reviewed has a PG/VG ratio of 70/30.

Black Pearl

This e-liquid offers notes of deep, succulent and somewhat sour blackcurrant, followed closely by a delicate taste of juicy blueberries.

The most noticeable flavour element though, was the exceptionally cool menthol kick. It was powerful enough to take over the more subdued berry notes but in an intriguingly well-executed manner.

The vast majority of fruit and menthol flavoured e-liquids I have tried tended to be more focussed on the fruity side of things, with menthol taking a back seat.

Black Pearl, however, seemed to be more menthol-based, with the berries softly accenting the cold rush you feel when inhaling this e-liquid. I personally found that these proportions worked really well.


Arguably one of the most unique collection of flavours I have tried so far, Reganberry was a real treat. This e-liquid manages to encapsulate a range of different elements, including fruits, sweets and just a pinch of menthol.

For me, the initial and most obvious flavour was a light and sharp cherry, accompanied with a blend of mixed berries.

Smooth and subtle menthol notes closely follow to complement the fruity elements in a way that was understated yet delightful.

The pièce de résistance, however, was the incredibly rich and decadent marzipan flavour I got when exhaling. The weird and wonderful addition to an already pleasant flavour, I felt that the marzipan boosted this e-liquid to a whole new level.

Juicy Lemon

An immediate, electrified zap of lemon is unmistakable when first vaping this e-liquid.

I felt this e-liquid seemed to incorporate not just one variant of a lemon flavour, but several. 

I picked up on a sharp and sour lemon, a fizzy sherbety lemon and also a fresh lemonade – all of which were stunning. Simple lemon flavours are nice enough, but it’s the complexity that gives this e-liquid an edge over other lemon-based flavours.

To me, I loved the fact that this is both a complex AND a simple flavour. The lemon notes were on point and the lack of other flavours gave the lemon a chance to flourish. It was presented as sweet, intricate, a little sour and very well-rounded. 

doctor foster juicy lemon flavoured e-liquid 50ml shortfill

Natural Mint

One for the icy fans out there, Natural Mint is the ultimate menthol flavour.

Reinvigorating and sharp peppermint takes centre stage, with a bold and powerful quality to it that strongly resembles the taste of peppermint chewing gum, with very little sweetness to it.

If that wasn’t cold enough for you, the flavour is compounded with a potent and bracing menthol that will certainly knock your socks off.

Although I’m not usually much of a fan when it comes to purely mint or menthol flavours, I could see that many would love this e-liquid for its cold and refreshing features. If you like menthol-based flavours, you’re going to want to try this gem.

Mixed Berries

A personal ‘go to’ of mine, berry flavours offer vapers a fruity, mouth-watering sensation – and this e-liquid is no exception.

It brings together a smorgasbord of ripe and juicy berries, including sweet raspberries, fresh strawberries and sour blueberries.

The mix of delectable berries gives vapers a lip-smacking experience that can really liven up your taste buds.

Berry notes dominate the overall flavour incredibly, but there is a touch of cooling menthol that brings this e-liquid to life. The menthol is very delicate and will not overwhelm vapers who usually steer clear of cold flavours.

I thoroughly appreciated the intense and unequivocal juiciness that the berry tones offered and the low-key menthol that gave this e-liquid a bit of a pop.

Tropical Mango

Possibly my favourite in this line of e-juices, I was surprised at how well I got on with it.

Mango flavours can be hit or miss, but this one has hit it right out of the park. The mango smells hyper-realistic and you can pick out the familiar, juicy notes that you would with an actual mango.

Taste-wise the mango is marginally less life-like, but still conveys a good level of flavour. It oozes a powerful, fruity punch on every inhale and you can really appreciate the juicy, ripe and tropical nature of the mango on exhaling.

I couldn’t pick up on any hints of menthol in this e-liquid, which for me was welcomed. I found that the simplicity of this e-liquid is what makes it such a great option for vapers.

Overall a straightforward, no messing about, delicious flavour for all vapers to enjoy.

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