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VAPEAK Vision Disposables Review

By Peach Atkinson 16th September 2022 3 Mins


Up for review today is the Vision disposables from vape brand VAPEAK.

Easily recognised, the VAPEAK Vision disposables incorporate a miniature, square shaped device with clear cut edges and an e-liquid viewing window.

A nice touch was the inclusion of a lanyard in the kit that is easily fixed on to the devices themselves, meaning you will never misplace your trusty little disposable.

With a stylish, flat mouthpiece, the flavour is amplified and the throat hit is intense and satisfying.

VAPEAK Vision specifications:

  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg
  • Puff Amount: Up to 500 puffs


Here are the flavours I tried:

skittles vapeak vision disposable vape


I must admit, it can be difficult to source a decent Skittles e-liquid, as many present with a strong, chemical aftertaste.

To me, this flavour was executed flawlessly, with no weird or unpleasant tastes lurking behind the scenes.

An instant favourite of mine, this disposable brings together a wide range of fruity tastes and offers strong sensations of sourness and effervescence.

Following on from the bright, nostalgic candy notes, comes a smooth yet refreshing touch of iciness.

Personally, I felt that the percentage of cooling agent added was incredibly precise, and was not overwhelming at all.

The well thought out combination of the bouncy candy and almost mellow cooling made for a unique flavour which was difficult to put down.

grape ice vapeak vision disposable

Grape Ice

Enlisting a whole host of punchy, vibrant and fresh tastes, this grape flavoured disposable is exceedingly well rounded and a pleasure to vape.

The various notes of grape are clearly at the centre of this flavour and are bold, unmistakable and reminded me of a grape soda.

Contrasting the rich and sweet grape, a potent and revitalising wave of cooling agent sweeps in to boost the fruitier elements and really made the flavour pop.

I feel that the combination of grape and ice go hand in hand and are a match made in heaven, as every grape flavour I’ve tried has been made more enjoyable with the addition of ice/menthol, including this one from VAPEAK.


lush ice vapeak vision disposable vapeLush Ice

A medley of floral and mellow melons, I noticed a strong sense of complex layers within the fruity constituents.

There are several modalities involved in this disposable, all offering different levels of sweetness, vibrancy and calmness within the melon bracket.

To further improve the overall flavour, a powerful and sharp undertone of iciness comes into play – increasing the refreshing nature of this disposable dramatically.

I personally enjoyed the potency of this flavour, and how it didn’t dissipate over time.

With both the soft melon and the bracing ice vying for your attention, flavour and freshness is guaranteed.

If you like intense, strong-tasting flavours you will fall in love with this one.

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