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Disposable Vapes —Are They Just a Short-Term Problem?

By EcigIntelligence 23rd April 2024 2 Mins


Disposable vapes are increasingly the target of legal bans, amid widespread concern over youth usage and environmental impact.

But a new article published by the independent industry information provider ECigIntelligence suggests that disposables as we know them might soon have disappeared anyway.

“It looks like regulation will put paid to disposables in their current form. But then, innovation would almost certainly have done the same thing soon enough,” writes Freddie Dawson, senior news editor at ECigIntelligence, in the article.

“Similar to the evolution from cigalikes to second-generation devices, something new would have come along that worked better or was easier to use.”

Today’s disposables would probably have evolved into devices that could be refilled and recharged, Dawson suggests.

As an example he cites the cartridge-based systems now emerging that provide the vaper with simultaneous access to multiple different flavours.

His article is one of a series celebrating the tenth anniversary of ECigIntelligence, the leading independent source of data and insight for all stakeholders in the worldwide e-cigarette sector.

The ECigIntelligence service was founded ten years ago by a small team of just five people, trying to bring some clarity to the rapidly-growing e-cigarette market and its regulation.

Today almost 40 people work on ECigIntelligence and its two sister brands, TobaccoIntelligence and CannIntelligence, and its in-house analysts and journalists are regular fixtures on the sector’s conference circuit.

Over those ten years, subscribers have included virtually all the major e-cigarette producers, national regulators, and other high-profile organisations which benefit from their exclusive access to ECigIntelligence’s data on regulation and the market, much of it compiled using a proprietary methodology.

To discuss the evolution of the vape market over the last decade with one of the experts at ECigIntelligence, or for further information on ECigIntelligence generally, please contact Judit Bach.



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