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Pioneering Development Doubles Life of Disposable Vapes in the UK to 1000+ Puffs

By Oliver Smith 7th November 2023 5 Mins


The world’s largest vape technology and manufacturing company, SMOORE International, has launched – FEELM 2.0 – the first-ever disposable vape to offer more than 1,000+ puffs in a 2ml to adult smokers and vapers.

Doubling the life of a single-use vape and saving some £900 for consumers who have been affected by rising household costs.

The development of the product follows extensive consumer research by the company which revealed that disposable vape users expect more puff counts and less flavour deterioration over time from the brands they buy.

Over the past few years, disposable vapes have surged in popularity among adult vapers in the UK and globally, due to their accessibility, ease of use, budget-friendly pricing and wide choice of flavours.

They have been recognised as playing a major role in the decline of smoking in Great Britain to the lowest levels on record over the last two years.

Up to now, with the UK’s 2ml e-liquid volume regulation limit, 600 puffs have been the industry norm.

However, this limit has led to the entry of significant volumes of illicit vapes into the UK from overseas, comprising higher e-liquid levels and offering higher puff counts which are non-compliant with UK regulations.

It has also resulted in malpractice in the industry with producers overfilling vapes, despite stating 2ml on the packaging, leading to supermarkets destocking such products.

These overfilled vapes were then replaced by underfilled vapes, according to testing by Inter Scientific, highlighting that some leading brands were only offering 400-500 puffs and not 600 as promoted on the packaging.

The new FEELM 2.0 has been created by SMOORE to address such issues in the disposable category, whilst meeting consumers’ demand for a product that lasts far longer than any compliant vape currently does.

Through the development of e-liquid utilisation technologies, it will be possible for vapers to purchase a product offering more than 1,000 puffs, which fully complies with the UK’s regulations.

The new product also comes with a transparent tank so that consumers can monitor their usage.

Independent testing on FEELM 2.0 by Inter Scientific revealed that the product’s puff count was 1,074, with just a 3.0% variation of vapour volume produced, resulting in a highly stable flavour profile.

E-liquid utilisation was 77%, significantly more than other market-leading brands which averaged 45.3% utilisation, so during the life of the product over half of the liquid is wasted.

Rex Zhang, Strategy Director at SMOORE explains:

“FEELM 2.0 is to disposable vapes what electric cars are to diesel ones – you get a lot more from the ‘tank’ for your money at a time when inflation year on year has been 6.7%.

“It also means that consumers are not tempted to buy higher, non-compliant puff count products, thereby helping to cut down on the illicit trade which is currently rife in the UK.

“It also sends out a strong message to the policy makers ahead of their review of current vaping policy – that the industry is investing massively to ensure disposable vapes, which have been so critical up to now in reducing smoking in the UK, can be relied upon going forward to support the government in achieving its smokefree generation ambition by 2030.

“Rather than vapers being shortchanged through underfilling, or at risk of buying illicit products, we want to reassure them that innovations like FEELM 2.0 represent the future of the category and herald a new era of ‘utmost compliance’ where only the highest standards of product quality and safety will do.

“Our latest product is designed to give vapers, or smokers looking to switch, complete confidence that they are not being ripped off, best value for money when times are hard, and ultimately a great product experience.”

Thalia Cheng, UK Business Director at SMOORE, added:

“We’re the first company, through our R&D investment, to enable the doubling of puffs, thereby effectively halving the cost of use.

Based on average usage data from Consumer Intelligence, and average vape costs, the savings from using FEELM 2.0 should amount to around £900 a year versus standard disposables – almost the cost of a new iPhone or a month’s rent.

“In addition, the doubling in lifespan of product use with power efficiency using less lithium than for standard vapes and less e-liquid residue waste when disposed of, significantly reduces the environmental impact.”

SMOORE has also made a clarion call to UK’s leading brands to develop the next generation of disposables. Added Cheng:

“The likes of Elf Bar, Lost Mary and Crystal all have a critical role to play in the evolution of disposable vapes so that they become fully accepted by society as a necessity to ensure smoking becomes history in the not too distant future.”

John Dunne, Director General at the UK Vaping Industry Association commented:

“Innovation is critical in any vape product category particularly in disposables which have come under the spotlight.

“The industry needs to evolve disposables so that they continue to increase their accessibility to adult smokers from all backgrounds and make it as easy as possible for them to experiment with vaping to help them quit their habits.

“Disposables have had a major impact on smoking levels across Great Britain and this has been down to their ease of use, convenience and low entry price points.

“New generation product developments that can continue to build on these three benefits along with minimizing the impact of the category on the environment will go a long way to convincing the government that disposables are very much part of the equation to create smokefree future.”



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