London Fire Brigade Defend Vaping As ‘Safer Option’

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London Fire Brigade has reiterated the message that smoking tobacco is significantly more likely to cause a house fire than use of e-cigarettes.

The statement comes after British Transport Police confirmed that an e-cigarette was responsible for the small explosion that lead to Euston station being evacuated on Tuesday night.

Police discovered the e-cigarette while they were inspecting the area to ensure that it was safe.

The Brigade’s statistics show that there are 255 times more smoking-related fires than vaping-related ones.

Group Manager for Community Safety Mark Hazelton said:

“There have been cases where e-cigarette have exploded but the numbers are small in comparison with the significant amount of fire and fire deaths we see each year caused by smoking. In the last three years there has been 66 fire deaths caused by smoking and none relating to e-cigarettes. Overflowing ashtrays or a cigarette dropped while snoozing are typical causes of fatal fires. Quitting smoking is not only good for your health but also makes a devastating fire in your home less likely.”

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