A Vaper On The Go

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Everything the itinerant vaper needs for a safe, clean and easy vape when out and about.

Experience is everything, and at Vapouround we’re often out in the field to cover events and meet our partners face to face. We love to enjoy a good vape while carrying the banner for the business, and sometimes that means stocking up and preparing for the long haul.

Following the success of our two-part special on customising your car for a safer vape while driving, we decided to lend a helping hand to the wandering vaper.

If you’re going to be away from the house (or any building) for a while, you won’t want to leave without these handy accessories. And if you’re a business looking to widen your consumer base to include more lovers of the outdoors and workers who aren’t in the typical 9-5 office environment, take notes!

Like any evolving product, all of the items on this list have undergone changes from mundane (occasionally unsightly) functionality to presentable to downright stylish, and are now as fashionable as they are practical.

A Battery Kit

There’s nothing worse than seeing your mod screen flash with the symbol of an emptying battery as you wait for a throat hit and an influx of sweet vapour that just won’t come. This is especially bad if you’re on a night out and trying to avoid the drink-addled temptation and ever-present peer pressure to take a cigarette.

It can happen to anyone, even when you venture out with a fully-charged mod. This is where a mobile battery kit comes in handy. Pay close attention to wattage and compatibility; almost every mod accident can be traced to poor matchmaking with chargers.

Tools For Emergency Repairs

A small, easily stored and transportable toolkit could be the difference between fixing a problematic mod ASAP and waiting for hours before your next vape, or watching a small issue turn unmanageable and having to replace some expensive equipment. These items can help you keep your devices clean and clear.

A Cloth

Always have at least one properly made vape cloth on you when out. Even the safest of e-liquids with the lowest levels of nicotine should be kept away from the skin, and no matter how careful you are, you’ll need to be prepared for the occasional spill. Be mindful of how spilled liquids can stain surfaces and harm devices too.


And not just to stay hydrated! Dry mouth or “vape mouth” is something most of us who vape will experience at some point, especially those of us who like a high-wattage mod and a VG juice for a satisfying cloud. Keep a bottle of water handy if you’re out vaping in the sunshine.

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