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innevape ceo Jeff Connell playing the guitar


Innevape Founder’s Music Channel is Racking Up the Hits

By Gordon Stribling 5th June 2020 2 Mins


The one positive to come out of the global shutdown is the time its given us to embrace our creativity.

All around the world people have been using the time to learn to cook and paint and make crazy videos.

For Innevape CEO Jeff Connell, lockdown has given him the chance to truly reconnect with his musical side.

Jeff’s musical background is, shall we say, impressive.

After performing with his dad from a young age, he would go on to get a taste of the big time with his rock group, Baddax. 

The band played opening slots for national acts, got signed to a label and even performed on MTV.

Family commitments forced Jeff to lay down his guitar.

Instead of throwing himself into his music, he devoted his time to his family, numerous creative projects and of course the foundation and expansion of Innevape.

But now he’s back with an all-new project. A YouTube channel called Quizzistellar.

The channel is more than just an outlet for Jeff’s enviable musical talents.

It’s an interactive platform through which Jeff will create a ten-track album of new music, with the final track a collaboration with listeners.

Jeff told Vapouround:

“I’m determined that at the level I’m at right now maturity-wise, financially and everything else to make this the most beautiful project that I’ve ever recorded.”

He’s also offering huge giveaways where he will reward lucky viewers with guitars, amps and more.

The channel is only a month old but it’s already being noticed. 

The latest video was uploaded on Thursday and has already racked up more than 1,300 hits.




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