European Parliament Becomes First EU Institution To Publicly Acknowledge Vaping’s Role In Smoking Cessation

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The European Parliament has finally acknowledged that vaping plays a key role in helping smokers quit…so why are flavour bans still being proposed?

The European Parliament has become the first EU institution to publicly acknowledge that vaping plays a vital role in smoking cessation.

It came as the body formally adopted the EU Beating Cancer Plan but, while this milestone has been welcomed by vape advocates, MEPs have failed to rule out future flavour bans across the member states.

The World Vapers’ Alliance described the development as a ‘significant step forward’ but insisted that much more needed to be done.

WVA director Michael Landl said:

“Finally, an EU institution acknowledges that vaping helps smokers to quit which is a significant step forward in our fight to save lives by reducing the harms caused by smoking.

“It shows the power of the voice of individual consumers coming together. Now it is the Commission’s turn to no longer ignore science and the experience of millions of consumers.”

Michael Landl, Director, World Vapers’ Alliance

Many vape advocates say they fail to see the logic of accepting that vaping helps smoking quit, while advocating for banning the very flavours which make e-cigarettes such a powerful quitting aid.

Carmine Canino, President of Italian consumer advocacy group ANPVU said:

“Scientists, harm reduction experts as well as consumers have been clear about the negative consequences of banning or even restricting flavours.

“Again and again research has shown that flavours are essential to reducing smoking among adults. We need our policymakers to listen and act.”

Carmine Canino, President of ANPVU

Dustin Dahlmann, president of the Independent European Vape Alliance described the move as a ‘landmark declaration’ from the European Parliament. He said:

“We now encourage the other EU institutions – and in particular the European Commission – to take this on board and ensure that policy follows science, not the other way around.”

Dustin Dahlmann, President of the IEVA

With the European Commission currently in the initial stages of revising the Tobacco Products Directive, Landl called on consumers from throughout the EU to keep the pressure on MEPs to make them aware just how important flavours were.

He said:

“It is crucial that experts and consumers keep raising their voices. It is our hope that the Commission’s future proposals acknowledge harm reduction. We will continue to advocate for our members, ensuring their voices are heard.”

Michael Landl, Director, World Vapers’ Alliance

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