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Doja Cat was spotted smoking, just MONTHS after vowing to quit vaping.

By Jordan Millar 27th April 2023 2 Mins


Doja Cat – who publicly denounced vaping – was seen with a cigarette

International pop icon Doja Cat was spotted smoking on an Instagram livestream, just MONTHS after vowing to quit vaping.

The singer decided to ditch the reduced risk alternative last year, when a ‘nasty growth’ forced her to cancel a series of live performances.

Devastated, Doja told fans she needed urgent surgery to remove an abscess which had developed in her tonsils.

She assured her followers that the procedure was ‘routine’ but recovery could take a while…spelling doom for her upcoming festival run and tour with The Weeknd.

The Grammy-award-winning artist added: “I feel horrible about this…I can’t wait to heal and get back to making music for y’all.”

Doja’s ‘bad news’ came last May, with the singer confirming she had a throat infection ahead of the 2022 Billboard Chart Awards.

She was on antibiotics at the time but forgot to take them during the event, claiming that this – paired with a day of ‘drinking wine and vaping’ – triggered the abscess.

In a series of social media posts, the musician said she would be ‘quitting the vape for a bit’…much to the celebration of her followers and the antivaping community.

However, her recent livestream showed she could very well still be using much more dangerous cigarettes.

And what’s more, she lit-up while interacting online with her legions of dedicated and besotted fans.

When screenshots emerged of Doja’s ‘on air’ antics, a wave of people were quick to call her out.

While some supporters suggested she was using herbal cigarettes, others urged her stop.

Commenters reaffirmed that vaping is intended to be a smoking cessation tool and that she’d had surgery just eight months ago.

One Twitter user joked: “Her throat doctor must be relieved she can smoke again.”

Another said: “Remember when some of the anti-vaping front groups praised her for quitting vaping?”

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