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Diary of a Vaper: Alex Grove

By Gordon Stribling 21st December 2017 2 Mins


I started smoking when I was 17. I had never intended to start but after accepting a few offers here and there from friends I found myself buying them for myself. Needless to say, it was a free fall from there.

Fast forward five years and I had a new job where I was required to be fit and even though smoking wasn’t having a huge impact on this, I felt that it was time for a change.

I managed to stop smoking for five days but each day felt like a nightmare. It was then that I bought my first mouth to lung kit from a corner shop and it worked well for about a week, but then it broke and I found myself with nothing once again.

My first steps into a vape shop were daunting. I had no idea what everything was and even less of an idea of what I wanted. Regardless, after much deliberation and assistance from the staff, I found myself leaving with my first sub-ohm device (SMOK V8 Stick) and I fell in love with vaping.

Since then I have purchased several mods and have got into coil building. I now favour mechanical devices over regulated ones as I feel that the building, cleaning and other fiddly aspects of using mechanical devices has kept me away from cigarettes, because it keeps my mind and hands occupied.

This brings me to now and the second chance that vaping has given me. Since the beginning of my vaping journey I have met some amazing people, made some incredible friends and been to a fair number of places, most recently the Vaper Expo UK The Return – A Celebration of Vaping in Birmingham. The feeling of being surrounded by a huge family is genuinely heart-warming.

A few things about me:

I’m very passionate about photography and post daily on Instagram.

My favourite mod at present is the Vaperz Cloud XXX in plasma purple.

My favourite RDA is the Goon 1.5 by 528 Customs.

I am currently working with some close friends on bringing out our own line of juices to contribute to the community.

If you’d like to contact me or just support an aspiring Instagrammer, feel free to check me out, @cloud_diver1996.



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