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Flavor Monster To Launch New E-Juice At The Vaper Expo 2017

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Flavor Monster is to launch a new e-juice called Drac Dragon Fruit at The Vaper Expo 2017 – The Big Weekend.

Vapouround decided to catch up with Flavor Monster who are an e-liquid manufacturer based in Colorado Springs in the USA. Flavor Monster pride themselves on manufacturing e-liquids at reasonable prices without breaking the bank.

Laura Riggs is the CEO of Flavor Monster and she was incredibly excited to tell us all about her latest release for The Vaper Expo – The Big Weekend at Birmingham’s NEC.

Introducing Drac Dragon Fruit e-juice, Laura and her colleagues have been investing their time in creating a new e-liquid specially designed to entice vapers with a refreshing e-liquid at the Vaper Expo show.

The team at Flavor Monster have been working on perfecting this new flavour since July 2016 as Laura mentioned:

“We did an initial test in July last year and we aimed to improve the flavour by tweaking certain things. Dragon Fruit can be a harsh flavour and we wanted it to have a perfect balance so that when it hits your pallet, it tastes amazing.

We really hope people at the Vaper Expo enjoy the taste of this new e-liquid too as we’ve been working really hard to be the spotlight for this show.”

Laura describes Drac Dragon Fruit as a very naturally sweet flavour with a hint of lemon. It has been selling fast as Laura stated:

“It’s a nice flavour that seems to be quite popular. A lot of people love the refreshing taste of the e-liquid and it’s definitely flying off the shelf. If you’re looking for a fruity and sweet flavour, Drac Dragon Fruit is the one for you.”

Flavor Monster have also been busy searching for an e-liquid distributor across the UK. Laura is happy to announce that Flavor Monster’s e-liquids will be distributed by Vapour Gallery, an e-liquid distributor located in London. Laura said:

“We want as many people to try our flavours no matter where you are in the world so we’ve decided to work with a distributor in the UK.

“We’re working alongside Vapour Gallery to prepare for the show and we want to get back to the UK sooner rather than later.”

Flavor Monster have also expanded their facility so they have more access to ship their e-liquids to ensure it reaches customer in a time efficient manner.

Flavor Monster have been keeping busy the last couple of months as Laura comments that:

“With the expansion of our facility and distribution in the UK, this has put us into overdrive and we’re trying to do as much as we can for our consumers as well as making sure our juices are TPD compliant for our customers across the pond.”

Laura commented that other e-liquids by Flavor Monster are doing great as she said:

“A lot of people are interested in our e-liquids. Some are hesitant to try the Key Lime Pie flavour but now it’s become a top seller in the US.”

With Summer just around the corner, Flavor Monster are working on two more new flavours. Laura mentioned customers can expect an e-liquid to be released in time for the Summer and another, in Autumn. She said: “Vapers should expect these e-liquids to be tasty and sweet.”

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