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5 Reasons to Quit Smoking With a Vape

By Gordon Stribling 1st September 2020 4 Mins


It’s 2020. We all know that smoking is bad for us yet 7 million people in the UK continue to use deadly tobacco.

It’s notoriously difficult to quit smoking, not just because cigarettes are addictive but, for many people, the ritual is just a part of their lives.

It can be hard to stop when there’s nothing to replace smoking it other than nicotine patches and gums or other negative habits like overeating.

So why should you try to quit with a vape?

1. E-cigarettes are much more effective than patches and gum at helping smokers quit tobacco.

A UCL study of 20,000 smokers published last year found that that e-cigarette users were 95 percent more likely to quit tobacco than a cold turkey group.

Meanwhile, the group who used nicotine patches and gum were only 34 percent more likely to succeed than if they had gone cold turkey.

The study was one of three published in 2019 to demonstrate the superiority of vaping over other quit methods.

UCL estimates that may help up to 50,000 people in England quit smoking every year.

Lead author Dr Sarah Jackson said:

“Stopping smoking reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases quality of life and life expectancy.

“It is therefore important that every quit attempt has the best possible chance of success.

“Our study adds to growing evidence that use of e-cigarettes can help smokers to quit.’It also raises concerns about the apparent lack of effectiveness of NRT bought from a shop.”

2. The vape community

From dieting and exercise to learning a language, having the support of others can make it much easier to improve and enrich our lives than going it alone.

There is a hugely passionate and knowledgable community of vapers out there who have been where you are and can help you along the way.

Don’t know any vapers? Have a look on YouTube or talk to us on Instagram.

And if you prefer the personal touch, your local vape shop can be an invaluable source of support and expertise.

 3. The vape experience

The pleasure of smoking doesn’t just come from the nicotine and tobacco. It’s the little things you don’t consciously thinking about, such as flicking a lighter or rolling a cigarette.

With vaping, not only do you get to simulate the smoking experience by inhaling a less harmful (and much nicer-tasking) flavour, you also get to use your hands.

So if you want to quit smoking but miss the ritual or having something to do with your hands, vaping could be just the thing for you.

4. There’s a device for everyone

Vape technology has come a very long way since the ‘cigalikes’ that many a smoker discarded after their first puff.

Nowadays, starter kits are far more accessible and easy to use.

But more to the point, they are EVERYWHERE! Chances are, your local newsagent will have cheap starter kits on display, not hidden away with tobacco products.

That said, we would always advise going to a vape shop in the first instance. Many vape shops staff will have quit smoking with the very products that they are selling. Who better to talk to?

5. You can take control of your quit journey

The flexibility of vaping allows you to tailor the experience to your specific needs and preferences.

There are countless e-liquid flavours out there, from tobaccos to fruits to bakery classics.

A 2020 Yale study found that adults who used flavoured e-liquids “were more likely to subsequently quit smoking than those who used unflavoured e-cigarettes.”

You can also gradually decrease your nicotine intake to make the transition from smoker to smoke-free that bit more comfortable.

E-liquid nicotine content is capped at 20mg per ml in the UK. Commercial e-liquids tend to start at 3mg per ml.

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