Innokin Coolfire Z50 Review

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Dimensions: 115mm*33mm*24mm (Height includes tank)

Materials: Zinc alloy, stainless steel, polycarbonate

Battery capacity: 2100mAh internal cell

E-liquid capacity: 2ml (22mm Zlide tank)

Power output: 6W-50W or 3V-7.5V

Charging: Micro-USB

Construction fit and finish of the Z50 is solid. This is a tiny mod but due to the zinc alloy chassis, it has a good weight and doesn’t feel flimsy at all. Tolerances are nice, with a tactile fire button and zero visible seams, save for the gold band that runs around the device. This may be an affordable starter kit, but it feels premium.

In terms of user experience, Innokin have kept things simple with the Z50, whilst allowing for a respectable level of user control. A hard on/off switch can be found at the bottom of the mod, which is great to see on an internal cell device. With this switch in the “on” setting, three clicks of the fire button will lock/unlock the device during use. You don’t have to use the hard on/off switch if you don’t want but it is great for those who frequently travel, or want to store their mod out of sight.

Briefly holding the up or down buttons will cause the wattage or voltage setting to flash and from here you can press the adjustment buttons to scroll up or down the power range in 0.5W/0.1V increments, from 6W, all the way up to 50W. This is more than enough power for the bundled Zlide tank and even allows you to pair the Z50 with more power-hungry atomisers, if you wish.

Briefly holding the up and down buttons will display your puff counter, while a long hold flips the screen orientation. Holding the power and down, or power and up buttons toggles between voltage and wattage modes respectively. That’s it for the functionality of the chipset and I’m glad that Innokin have kept things simple.

The bundled Zlide 22mm tank has been around for a while and it’s the perfect choice for a mod like this. In short, the Zlide remains to be one of the best stock coil MTL tanks on the market, with a convenient top-fill system, good selection of airflow, from tight MTL to RDL and a fantastic range of compatible coils, which are widely available.

The kit includes two coils. The first is a 1.2Ohm round wire build, rated for 10W-14W. I enjoyed this coil most at 10.5W, with one airflow inlet left open. With these settings, it produces a moderately warm vape, with good flavour and a tight MTL draw. Longevity is decent with this coil but not outstanding. I was able to run 25mls of moderately sweet nicotine salt e-liquid through it before a replacement was needed. I feel this coil is best suited to those who are using very high strength e-liquids.

The second coil is a 0.8Ohm round wire build, rated for 15W-18W. I found the sweet spot for this coil to be 16W, with either one or two airflow inlets open. This coil produces a warmer vape, with more pronounced flavour and for this reason, it’s my preference of the two. I also found this coil to have increased longevity, at 35mls of moderately sweet nicotine salt e-liquid. Unless you really want a super low wattage vape, I would pick the 0.8Ohm coil every time.

Battery life will depend hugely on your choice of atomiser, coil, nicotine strength and wattage but the included coils are both conservative with power consumption. I was easily able to get two full day’s vaping time on a single charge with the 1.2Ohm coil, and slightly less with the 0.8Ohm coil. In either case, having more than a day’s use on a charge is great. I found the device to charge from flat to full in just over an hour, which fine considering the long run time.

In summary, the Innokin Z50 is pretty much the ideal starter kit. It’s compact, nicely built and is bundled with one of the best stock coil MTL tanks on the market, while boasting all day battery life and wattage control. For the time being, it will be the kit I recommend to any new vaper, or transitioning smoker.


  • Good build quality
  • Compact design
  • Great battery life
  • Bundled with great tank


  • None

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