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Taking vaping to the Big Smoke

By Phoebe Fuller 7th June 2019 2 Mins


Imperial Brands’ blu vaping device has hit billboards and bus stops in London as the brand hopes to encourage city smokers to make the switch.

The new marketing campaign kicked off on June 3rd and features colourful, graphic animations and catchy straplines such as “I blu, do you?” and “you blu too?”

The marketing company behind the new campaign hopes this approach will encourage people to use blu devices as a way to connect with each other.

In a press release, Pete Blackman, brand planning manager at blu UK, said:

“Vaping culture has grown rapidly in the UK, with many vapers considering themselves to almost be in the know on something new and different and as a result, part of a special club.

“This campaign plays on that idea by creating a unique language and identity that resonates with vapers, while making the club open to everyone looking to switch.”

The adverts will also feature on bus and taxi wraps, which provide opportunities for target consumers to notice them during their ‘adult smoking moments’.

Running until September, the campaign will be shown across over 3,000 locations throughout London, including Westfield Shopping Centres in Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush.

The campaign will be extended into other cities across the UK and Ireland, such as Leeds and Dublin.

With an increase in evidence supporting vaping as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, blu will also be involved in putting together an “immersive, hedonistic, vaping nirvana experience” to feature at UK festivals, with an aim of normalising vaping in social situations.

Blackman adds:

“As the weather warms up, more people are out and about socialising. Smoking often plays a part in these summer occasions and we want to take-over those social moments and put blu front of mind.

“With a heavy presence of outdoor advertising and brand activations taking place across cities nationwide, our aim is to get the nation to stand up, take notice and take action by switching to something better.”



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